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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Bertold Kittel on Artur Zawisza’s impunity

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He was driving a car under the influence of alcohol, and a few years later, while driving without a license, he hit a cyclist. The court found him to be a road hazard and banned him from driving. Former Law and Justice MP Artur Zawisza is also under a suspended prison sentence. Despite this, the politician still gets behind the wheel. – There are scenes of him overtaking columns of trucks, which are not known what they are carrying, and he starts reading some things in his notebook – said Bertold Kittel, journalist of “Superwizjer”, author of the report “Bezkarny Zawisza”, on TVN24.

Artur Zawisza, former PiS MP and former activist of the National Movement, is one of the most recognized politicians in Poland. When he drove a car without a license, rammed and maimed a young woman, the court found that the politician did not have sufficient driving skills and even that he was a danger on the road. Zawisza was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence and a driving ban. Despite this, he still gets behind the wheel, posing a threat to other road users. The journalist of “Superwizjer” TVN, Bertold Kittel, shows the politician’s impunity in his latest report. The premiere of the material today at 20 pm on TVN24. You can watch the report now on TVN24 GO,


Kittel: the court came to the conclusion that Zawisza is a threat

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The case was told on TVN24 by Bertold Kittel, who was a guest of the “Wstasz i weekend” program on Saturday. – (Artur Zawisza) shouldn’t drive a car, but he does. And very often, ”said the journalist.

– When I was with him, he also told me that someone was coming for him and someone was taking him. So it gives the impression that he doesn’t drive a car. But if you wait, look, it turns out that he crosses the street, there is a large apartment building with two exits and he leaves by car – reported the journalist.

Artur Zawisza was driving a car despite not having a license. He hit a cyclist (photo from 2019)tvn24

As he emphasized, “the court came to the conclusion that Zawisza does not have the skills to drive a car safely, that he poses a threat in communication for people on the road.” – In my opinion, the court believed that this man could improve, even though he knew that even this incident with the accident did not cause Mr. Zawisza to stop driving. Already during the trial, another case was submitted to the Warsaw-Mokotów court, where the police detained him again without authorization – said Kittel.

The journalist saw Artur Zahanga, among others driving on the motorway despite the driving ban in force. – There are scenes where he overtakes columns of trucks that you don’t know what they’re carrying, and he starts reading things in a notebook. Had he lost control of the steering wheel, there would have been a land traffic disaster. The effects of this would be unimaginable, Kittel said.

More about the case in the TVN24 “Superwizjer” report “Imobility of Zawisza”.

Main photo source: tvn24

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