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Beskid Sadecki. Tourists were exhausted, seven hours of GOPR rescue operation. Difficult conditions in the mountains

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Two tourists, surprised by extremely difficult conditions, got stuck on Friday evening in the area of ​​Złomisty Wierch in Beskid Sądecki (Małopolskie Voivodeship). A third tourist who managed to reach the shelter called for help for his companions. After about seven hours of the rescue operation, GOPR men brought the men to the shelter.

On Friday evening, a tourist reached the hostel on Przehyba, who reported that his two hiking companions got stuck in a snowstorm in the area of ​​Złomisty Wierch (a peak with two peaks: 1224 and 1215 meters above sea level). According to his account, the men were exhausted and cold. They were unable to continue walking.

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GOPR: rescuers reached the tourists after three hours

Victims provided data about their exact location using the Rescue application. At night in the mountains there were extremely difficult tourist conditions – strong wind was blowing and snow was falling. Teams of GOPR rescuers from Piwniczna, Krynica and Szczawnica set out to help the men on various trails. The first mountain rescue teams reached the tourists after about three hours from the notification.

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Rescue operation of the Krynica GOPR Group in the area of ​​Złomisty WierchGOPR Krynica Group

“After thermal protection of the men and the arrival of subsequent teams of rescuers, their transport to the shelter begins. After about two exhausting hours, both tourists are already in the shelter, fortunately, they do not require hospitalization. The rescuers withdraw from the area and start returning to the rescue stations” – she informed in the message of Grupa Krynicka GOPR.

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Rescuers finished their activities after more than seven hours.

Rescuers: “Cabbage Mountains” can also harvest

GOPR rescuers emphasized that even the so-called “cabbage mountains”, as the lower mountain ranges are sometimes called, also “can harvest their harvest”, so they should not be underestimated. Among other things, a tourist who was not properly prepared for hiking in the Bieszczady Mountains found out about it, which almost froze on the way to the shelter.

“Proper preparation for the trip and equipment in winter is essential. And knowledge of the emergency numbers 601 100 300 and the Rescue application and their early use can save lives” – we read in the release.

Main photo source: GOPR Krynica Group

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