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Beskids. A snake bit a GOPR rescuer in the area of ​​Magurka Wilkowicka

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A rescuer of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service, staying on Sunday in the area of ​​Magurka Wilkowicka in the Beskids, was bitten by a viper. Zig-zag adders live in the Beskids, which can reach 90 centimeters in length.

This is the first case of being bitten by a viper in the Beskids this spring. Vipers are favored by warmth, which is why they can be found in sunny places, on tenement houses, on the outskirts of forests or in the grass on unmowed meadows.

As the gopros informed in Tuesday’s entry in social media, “participants of the topographic training immediately” provided rescue aid. They immobilized the leg and called for support from the headquarters of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service.

“The victim was transported to the place of transfer to the Medical Rescue Team, from where she was taken to the hospital, where, after administering drugs, she was subjected to several days of observation and detailed examinations” – it was reported.

What to do when a snake bites us

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Zig-zag adders live in the Beskids, which can reach 90 centimeters in length. You can recognize them by the “heart-shaped” head, clearly separated from the rest of the figure and the characteristic zigzag along the body.

When you encounter a viper, it is best to get out of the way. The viper will not attack unless it feels threatened. An attack can occur when a tourist steps on it, which is why rescuers are appealing to look at your feet. Be careful when crossing a meadow. It is worth having a stick with which we will move the grass. If we hear something moving in it, let’s pass by.

Zig-zag viperShutterstock

If a viper attacks, do not apply pressure to the bite site or suck out the venom. It’s best to secure them with a bandage and call the gopros for help. Don’t underestimate the bite. Help in the mountains can be called toll-free 985 or 601 100 300.

On Tuesday, the gopros reported that they had set out to help 25 times in the past week. Among other things, they conducted a three-day search expedition in the area of ​​Złatna. Unfortunately, despite the involvement of several dozen people, rescue dogs, a helicopter and a drone, the 79-year-old woman suffering from dementia has not been found so far. The search has been suspended. Rescuers announced that on Friday they helped a 33-year-old cyclist. After a fall on a mountain route in Szczyrk, he lost consciousness. He later had retrograde amnesia. He was taken to the hospital by the air ambulance helicopter.

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