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Beskids. The avalanche danger on Babia Góra has increased. GOPR warns tourists

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Rescuers from the Beskidzka GOPR Group raised the avalanche danger in the Babia Góra area to the second degree. There is almost a meter of snow in the peak areas.

“The increase in avalanche danger is related to the wind, which is much stronger than forecast. On Friday morning, it transported loose snow to the leeward side, depositing it and creating deposits on the older layer to which it is weakly bonded,” the mountain rescue team reported on Saturday. According to rescuers special attention should be paid under breaks in the terrain and in depressions.

Triggering an avalanche is usually possible with a heavy additional load, especially on steep slopes. Spontaneous occurrence of very large avalanches is unlikely. “Moving requires the ability to assess the local avalanche risk, select the appropriate route and maintain basic safety measures on all steep slopes,” said the rescuers.

Almost a meter of snow

In the peak parts of Babia Góra, the snow cover is approximately 90 centimeters thick, and in blown areas there is much more of it. Some of the trails, especially those less frequented, are not paved.

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Avalanche danger is determined on a five-point increasing scale.

Avalanches – a deadly threatAdam Ziemienowicz/PAP

What to remember when going to the mountains

Tourists who set out on the trail must prepare appropriately. You should bring warm clothes, footwear is especially important. Crawling hands are essential. You should have a supply of warm liquids. Tourists should have a charged mobile phone with the “Ratunek” application and a power bank. Due to the early darkness, you should take a flashlight.

Akademicka Perć, the yellow trail from Górny Płaj to Babia Góra, is closed until further notice. This is the most difficult trail in the Beskids; it is one-way, approach-oriented. Its part includes, among other things, an eight-meter vertical wall called Black Beak, which tourists must climb.

In the event of an accident, you can call GOPR by calling the free emergency telephone number: 985 or 601 100 300.

Main photo source: M. Hudyka, Babiogórski National Park

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