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Beskids. The skier was afraid of the cost of the rescue operation. When the mountain rescue team found him, he was standing in the snow up to his thighs

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He was soaked, chilled and extremely exhausted from 10 hours of plowing his way through the snow. A skier who got lost in extremely difficult weather conditions on the Slovak side of the Beskids was found by GOPR rescuers. The man was probably trying to return to Poland so as not to incur the costs of the rescue operation.

Information about a ski touring skier who needed help, who had problems with his equipment while descending from Pilsko (the peak in the Beskids) and was unable to move in deep snow in difficult weather conditions, was received by GOPR Beskidy rescuers on Friday, February 3, around 4 pm. the duty officer from Szczyrk informed the man that he was on the Slovak side of the mountains and it would be necessary to notify the local rescuers – the Horska Zachranna Serwis (HZS) – contact with the tourist broke off.

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GOPR: he had no insurance, he didn’t want to pay for the action

Rescuers got more information on one of the social media groups. They learned that the man had previously sought help from the skiing community and had shared his current location and the fact that his phone’s battery was low through a friend.

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“The man was afraid of the costs of the rescue operation on the Slovak side, because he had not purchased insurance against such activities. As a result of the lack of telephone contact, his concerned friends reported his friend’s problems to the rescuers of Grupa Beskidzka GOPR” – we read in the message. HZS rescuers were informed about the incident.

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After more than three hours from the first notification, HZS rescuers asked GOPR members for help in the search. “The extensive organization of the expedition has begun. From Hala Miziowa, the first teams of rescuers went to the area of ​​operations. In the meantime, more rescuers arrived at the rescue station and were sent to the mountain area” – inform GOPR.

In the meantime, rescuers found the skier’s car parked below Polana Struga in Korbielów.

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Rescuers emphasize that rescues were carried out in extreme weather conditions. “Wind up to 80km/h, intense snowfall, visibility limited to a few meters, deep snowdrifts, local avalanche risk. 49 rescuers of the Beskid Mountain Group of GOPR operated in the field, combing the designated sectors on ski touring skis and in places where the terrain allowed – on snowmobiles.”

The wanted skier was “desperately” screaming for help

At some point, one of the rescue groups found the skier. “As one of two teams, we had the task of exploring the eastern and western slopes of Pilsko from the top. Descending slowly, we called out. At some point, we heard a desperate answer (the rescuer’s subjective feeling, intensified by the blizzard) and after some time a faint flash of the headlamp. : 30 at night” – reports one of the mountain rescue workers who found the sought-after tourist. “We saw a man standing in a depression in the snow up to mid-thigh. He was soaked, cold and extremely exhausted from paving in deep snow for more than 10 hours” – he added.

Rescuers used heating packs and a rescue tent. Half an hour later, two rescue snowmobiles arrived at the scene, but both failed. That is why the mountain rescue team had to transport the victim for two kilometers on their own on an akia, i.e. a long sled in the shape of a boat.

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They reached Hala Miziowa around 4.10, from where – after examination and warming up – it was handed over to the medical rescue team.

“At 6:30 am, the last team reached SR Hala Miziowa. The expedition ended at 7:00 am, but it was not the end of activities for rescuers – in the following hours it was necessary to recover the equipment left in the field, repair snowmobiles, replace equipment, etc.” – we read in the GOPR Beskidy message.

“One of the most difficult actions” GOPR in recent years

Representatives of the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service admit that the expedition was “one of the most difficult” they have conducted in recent years. “Several rescuers suffered minor or major injuries, each of the participants devoted a lot of strength to it” – noted GOPR.

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Rescuers emphasize that they try never to judge the behavior of rescued people, especially those in a difficult situation in extreme weather conditions. “Accidents in the mountains, however, can be prevented, so it is worth talking about what went wrong. Probably if the rescued person had not been alone, had a charged phone or sent a report via the Rescue application, help would come within a few hours” – we read in the release.

“As it can be assumed, the fear of the costs of the action caused the man’s difficult to understand decision to pave in deep snow uphill and try to return to the top of Pilsko, which he missed by several hundred meters, going deeper and deeper into a very hard-to-reach area. This decision could cost young man’s life,” the rescuers say.

Main photo source: GOPR Beskidy

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