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Białołęka, Marywilska Street. Mortar shell on construction site

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On the night from Thursday to Friday, during construction works on Marywilska Street, workers found a mortar shell. Fortunately, there was no need to evacuate. In the afternoon, a dangerous unexploded ordnance was removed by sappers.

A rusty, dangerous unexploded ordnance was found by workers in a trench in Białołęka. It turned out to be a mortar shell from World War II. Since he was in a secluded place, there was no need to evacuate.

Until the arrival of sappers, the place where the bullet was found was secured by policemen and city guards. On Friday afternoon, sappers removed the unexploded bomb and detonated it at the training ground.

The site of heavy fighting during the war

“Before 1939, the area of ​​today’s district was a suburb of Warsaw. When the war broke out in September, heavy fighting took place here. It was similar in 1945, when German troops were fleeing the capital. It is therefore not surprising that from time to time during construction works there are found there dangerous war “souvenirs”. This was the case on January 19, when a mortar shell was discovered in an earth trench at Marywilska Street “- wrote the city guards of the capital in a statement

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Sappers will deal with unexploded bomb from Wileńska (video without sound)Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Municipal Police of the Capital City of Warsaw

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