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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Białołęka. The water curtain in the park works, although it is not hot. The neighborhood blames the locals

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The water curtain in the Magic Park in Białołęka works all the time, even though there is no heat yet. Water flew even on a rainy day. Residents ask what this saving is, and officials answer that it is the users themselves who forget to close the valve after using the device. The curtain has no timer.

On Wednesday evening, the water curtain in the park at Magiczna Street was active, although it was a rainy day in the capital and the temperature during the day was slightly above 20 degrees Celsius. The inhabitants who happened to be in the park did not even glance at her, and the water continued to pour, creating a large puddle.

They will turn off the water

We asked the district office about it, pointing out that the residents of Białołęka complained about the lack of savings on the part of officials. We also asked whether it was a failure. It turns out that – according to officials – the residents themselves are to blame.


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– The curtain does not have a timer, only a closing valve, just like in previous years. People using the curtain after using the device, despite our appeals, do not close the water supply valve to the curtain – said Małgorzata Rogozińska from the district office in Białołęka. And she added: – We asked our contractors serving the site (security company, cleaning company, equipment maintenance company and toilet service company, as well as department staff who inspect the work done), to turn off the water in case they notice that the water curtain is working and nobody not in use.

This is not the only problem due to which the curtain is still not turned off. – It is also subject to constant devastation, nozzles are broken – adds the clerk.

Main photo source: Ewelina Cyranowska / tvnwarszawa.pl

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