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Bialowieza Forest. They want to move the forester’s lodge where Simona Kossak lived. They are looking for external financing

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The Białowieża National Park is looking for money to relocate a pre-war forester’s lodge, where Simona Kossak, a professor of forest sciences, and Lech Wilczek, a wildlife photographer, lived for over 30 years. The building currently stands in the wilderness. It would go to Białowieża, although there is also an idea to transfer it to the museum in Ciechanowiec.

The forester’s lodge was built in 1935. It stands together with a barn with a granary (built at the same time) in Dziedzinka – a settlement in the Białowieża Forest. In May 2021, we reported that the conservation services entered both objects into the register of monuments.

– In 1971, Lech Wilczek, a wildlife photographer and lover of the Białowieża Forest, moved into the forester’s lodge. After some time, Professor Simona Kossak – a biologist, lover of forests and wildlife – moved into the second part of the cottage – prof. Małgorzata Dajnowicz, conservator of monuments from Podlasie.

Moving to Białowieża seems to be a foregone conclusion

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Dziedzinka, due to its location within the boundaries of a strict reserve, was an excellent observation point for the animals in their natural environment for scientists. Simona Kossak (1943-2007) and Lech Wilczek (1930-2018) promoted the unique natural values ​​of the forest. They also carried out artistic activities. Books, films and photos were created here.

The forester’s lodge belongs to the State Treasury. It is on the board of the Białowieża National Park. The authorities of the latter intend to move the building to Białowieża.

As Katarzyna Kopiejczyk, the deputy administrative director of BNP, said that the current location is inconvenient, because there is no access to electricity in Dziedzinka. Therefore, the park is unable to carry out work there and ensure the safety of visitors. For this reason, the matter of transfer seems to be settled.

– Maybe the place itself is more attractive, more interesting, but moving to Białowieża would simply allow us to preserve and secure this building in an easier way – said Kopiejczyk. She added: – If we get any financial support allowing us to move Dziedzinka to Białowieża, we will do it.

The choice fell on Białowieża, because Simona Kossak was associated with this town. – And we would like it to stay with us – emphasized the deputy director of the park.

There is also a barn with a granary in Dziedzinka (photo from May 2021)WUOZ in Bialystok

They’re looking for money

However, money is needed to implement these plans. Both for the preparation of documentation for demolition and for the transport of the object itself.

– We are trying to find a source, because unfortunately we are not able to cover such a cost from our own income – said Kopiejczyk.

The conservator of monuments wants the forester’s lodge to be made available to visitors

The conservator of monuments from Podlasie also encourages to save Dziedzinka, who earlier – as a member of the Scientific Council of the Białowieża National Park – persuaded the management of the park to make the forester’s lodge available to visitors.

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– A historic building must serve people. If it is empty, unused, unvisited, first of all it does not serve people (…), secondly, it is degraded, which we must also counteract in various forms – said Dajnowicz.

There is an idea to move to Ciechanowiec

She also stated that the directors of the Museum of Agriculture had expressed interest in relocating Dziedzinka. Fr. Krzysztof Kluk in Ciechanowiec.

– I don’t think it’s a bad idea, especially since a forest complex is planned there. Of course, I am of the opinion that the best place is always the place of the object where this object was intended to be located, while the allocation is also acceptable to save the object and such decisions are made at the Polish level – said the professor.

Main photo source: WUOZ in Bialystok

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