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Białowieża. They counted the bison in the forest. There are 829 bison. This is 50 more than the year before

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Employees of the Białowieża National Park, foresters, scientists and volunteers went, as every year, at the turn of January and February to the field to count the bison living on the Polish side of the forest. After verification of the data – it is assumed that this is the state at the end of 2022 – it turned out that there are 829 individuals in the forest backwoods, of which 138 are calves. Comparing this number with the data from 2021 and 2020, you can see that the population is growing.

The annual bison count in the Białowieża Forest, where there is the largest population of bison in Poland, is always carried out in winter.

Employees of the national park, foresters from the forest districts of Białowieża, Bielsk, Browsk, Hajnówka, Nurzec and Rudka, as well as volunteers count the bison using the fact that in winter the animals gather in larger groups at feeding places and do not leave for a long time. Individual pieces can then be tracked by tracks in the snow, if there is any.

The counting was carried out at the turn of January and FebruaryMaciek Radomski

This year, the counting conditions were difficult

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This year, the conditions for counting were not the best, because the temperature was not too low and there was little snow. In total, however, more than 200 observations, i.e. data from individual places where these animals were.

Participants in the inventory try not only to count the animals, but also to determine the sex and age class, i.e. whether the observed animals are calves, teenagers or maybe already adult animals.

They verified the data to avoid counting the same animals several times

The data is collected on special cards, specifying the location and time of bison observation. Prepared in this way, they flow to the national park, where they are still verified to avoid counting the same animals several times.

Counting was difficult due to the lack of snow Maciek Radomski

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The final result of this year’s observations is 829 individuals, of which 138 are calves.

Such figures mean that populations are expanding. On the last day of 2021, the number of bison was 779and at the end of 2020 – 715 individuals.

The population is expandingMaciek Radomski

Main photo source: Maciek Radomski

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