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Bialystok. 150 students wrote a letter about a teacher. The school board checks what happened at school

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About 150 students signed an open letter to the headmaster of one of the high schools in Białystok, where – as they claim – the teacher was to direct “aggressive comments” towards students or provoke “unwanted physical contact”. The school principal tells us that there was a complaint about this teacher a few years ago about “unwanted touching” in class. Then it ended up being a verbal reprimand. The school has now referred the matter to the school board. An investigation is underway.

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“The behavior described by the students should never take place. They are blatantly contrary to the mission of the school, the ethical values ​​that the school instills in young people and tries to comply with them” – we read in the statement that appeared on the Facebook profile of the V Secondary School them. John III Sobieski in Bialystok.

About 150 students signed an open letter to the headmaster in which accusations are made against one of the teachers.

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The letter was received by the management of the V Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. John III Sobieski in BialystokTVN24

As “Kurier Poranny” wrote, which reached the content of the letter, the teacher had often directed “aggressive comments” towards students or provoked “unwanted physical contact”.

The impulse to write the letter was supposed to be the disclosure of further information about the teacher soliciting one of the students.

The principal gave a verbal reprimand to a teacher a few years ago

– I do not know what the statements about “aggressive comments”, “provoking unwanted physical contact” or “soliciting a student” mean. I hope that this will clarify the proceedings that are to be initiated in the school board, because of course I reported the case to the board of directors – says tvn24.pl Antoni Ćwikliński, school director.

He adds that he has been working with youth for over 40 years and is shocked by the whole situation.

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– I remember that a student’s tutor came to me, who said that the teacher had “unwanted touch” during the lesson. I then verbally reprimanded him and told him that if something like this happened again, we would talk in a different way. I have not received any such complaints since then.

The teacher has been suspended, specialists will talk to the students

Nearly 800 people are educated at the school, about 150 signed the letter – both girls and boys.

– The teacher has already been suspended. Until further decisions, he will only download base salarywithout any additives. After I received the letter, I had a conversation with him. For the sake of the proceedings to be conducted in the school board, I will not reveal the details, the director tells us.

Supportive measures have been taken in the school, he emphasizes.

– The tutors, the pedagogue and the psychologist talk to the students. We will also attract specialists to the school who will explain to young people how they should react when someone violates the dignity of another person – declares Ćwikliński.

The board of trustees has launched an investigation

The school principal submitted an application to the disciplinary officer at the Podlaskie Voivode regarding the teacher’s actions.

Barbara Szutko, spokeswoman for the Education Authority in Białystok, tells us that the disciplinary committee will deal with the case.

– An investigation has been launched. The deadline for carrying out this procedure is three months. The case is complicated, many witnesses will have to be interviewed – he points out. Not only students, but also teachers and parents are to be interviewed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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