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Białystok. A 3.5-year-old boy was hit and killed. The prosecutor’s office discontinued the investigation

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The 34-year-old woman driving the car had no chance to stop in time. This was the conclusion of the prosecutor’s office after a six-month investigation into the fatal hit-and-run of a 3.5-year-old child on a street in Białystok. The proceedings were discontinued.

– The investigation in this case was discontinued due to the finding that the act did not contain the elements of a prohibited act – informs the head of the Białystok-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, Michał Toruński.

A 3.5-year-old boy was hit in June at Zagórna Street in Białystok. It happened outside a pedestrian crossing. The car was driven by a 34-year-old woman. She was sober. Because the circumstances of the accident were not obvious, the prosecutor’s office did not charge her and collected evidence.

The collision occurred outside a pedestrian crossingTVN24

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Prosecutor’s office: the driver did not violate safety rules

– The analysis of the evidence collected in the case, including primarily the testimony of witnesses and the opinion of an expert in the field of road accident reconstruction, led to the conclusion that the driver of the vehicle did not violate the safety rules in land traffic – said prosecutor Toruński.

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He added that it was impossible to attribute to her the crime of violating such rules – even unintentionally – and causing a road accident, which resulted in the boy’s death. The expert’s opinion showed that the driver of the car had no opportunity to effectively take any defensive maneuvers because the child suddenly ran right in front of the oncoming car.

Unfortunately, the child diedTVN24

The child escaped from its mother and ran onto the road

– That is why no one was charged in this case and the proceedings were discontinued in the “in rem” phase (i.e. in the case), because the act did not contain the elements of a prohibited act – added the prosecutor.

As established in the investigation, the mother and her children left the block and went with them to the playground. The boy moved away from her and ran into the road.

Main photo source: TVN24

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