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Bialystok. A four-month-old girl in the hospital with multiple injuries. The parents were charged

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A four-month-old girl is staying at the University Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bialystok, who – according to the prosecutor’s office – ended up there with numerous bodily injuries. The child’s parents were charged. They face up to eight years in prison. The prosecutor’s office applied to the court for pre-trial detention.

The prosecutor’s office asked the court to apply a preventive measure in the form of a three-month arrest for the parents of a four-month-old girl who is staying at the University Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bialystok.

The case was submitted to the prosecutor’s office on Friday, April 7, after the management of the hospital notified the police of a suspected crime.

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The child was hospitalized with multiple injuries (illustration photo)Shutterstock

Parents detained, heard charges

Michał Toruński, head of the Białystok-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office, told the TVN24 reporter that the child was hospitalized with numerous injuries. It was found, among other things, that he had been hit all over the body and had fractures.

The prosecutor also announced that the child’s parents were detained and charged with physical abuse of a helpless person due to age.

Pursuant to Article 207 paragraph 1a of the Penal Code, this is punishable by imprisonment from six months to eight years.

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The application for pre-trial detention was submitted – as the prosecutor pointed out – due to fraud and the possibility of obtaining a severe court sentence.

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