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Bialystok. Agnieszka was attacked and raped and died in hospital. Sentenced for murdering nurse after nearly 22 years

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The District Court in Białystok sentenced 44-year-old Mariusz P. to 25 years in prison. The man is accused of attacking a 30-year-old nurse, Agnieszka D., in the Sienkiewicza housing estate in Białystok in August 2001. The woman was brutally raped several meters from her home. She died a few months later from her injuries. The man was arrested – thanks to the work of the X-Files police – 20 years later in Great Britain.

On Thursday, the District Court in Białystok sentenced a 44-year-old man to 25 years in prison for rape and the related murder of a young woman, committed more than 20 years ago. The prosecution wanted a life sentence. The judgment is not final.

According to the decision, the convict will be able to apply for early release after 20 years of serving his sentence. He will also pay $150,000. PLN to the father and mother of the murdered woman in the form of partial compensation. The family wanted 500,000. zloty.

The perpetrator attacked her several meters from her apartment building

The 44-year-old was handed over to Polish law enforcement in 2022 (photo from March 2022)Podlasie Police

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The crime took place on an August evening in 2001 in the Sienkiewicza housing estate in Białystok. The victim was 30-year-old Agnieszka D., a nurse working in a children’s clinical hospital.

The woman was attacked and brutally raped several meters from her apartment building just after she had escorted her cousin to the bus stop on Aleja Piłsudskiego.

Prosecution: attacked, raped, then robbed

In the final speech, prosecutor Agnieszka Kalisz-Kapelko emphasized that the evidence collected during the investigation shows that the attacker attacked the woman from behind, covered her mouth and nose, and then strangled her.

– This is how severe cerebral hypoxia occurred, and after half a year in a coma – to death – said the prosecutor.

After the victim lost consciousness, she was raped. The attacker also took her jewelry – a silver chain with a cross.


More than 20 years ago, the investigation was discontinued. Later, the police from the X-Files stepped in

In 2001, the perpetrator could not be identified, therefore, a year after the crime, the prosecutor’s proceedings were discontinued. In 2020, however, police officers dealing with difficult, unsolved criminal cases from the so-called X-Files and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok.

Both in the investigation and in court, the man pleaded not guilty (photo from March 2022)Podlasie Police

In June 2021, the Podlasie police announced that the suspect of this crime had been arrested in the UK. It turned out that for several years he lived near Manchester with his wife and three children. It was handed over to Polish law enforcement at the end of February last year. He was then charged with rape, murder and robbery. Both in the investigation and in court, the 44-year-old pleaded not guilty. He didn’t want to explain either. He participated only in the first hearing, on January 11, 2022, he was absent during the closing speeches.

They had a “genetic footprint” but no personal details

Prosecutor Agnieszka Kalisz-Kapelko said that in 2001 the investigators had the “genetic imprint” of the perpetrator, but could not determine his personal details. Dozens of comparative studies have been done over the years, but without success.

They succeeded only in 2021, when investigators received information that the exchange of data from Interpol databases indicates the DNA of a specific man listed in Great Britain, who was registered in Białystok in August 2001, and when the crime took place, he had a break in prison.

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– The accused says nothing, but the objective evidence of this crime speaks – forensic and medical opinions, genetic opinions – stressed Kalisz-Kapelko.

The prosecution asked for a life sentence. – The highest degree of social harmfulness of the act, murder of a completely random person who did not provoke the perpetrator, direct intention, very low motives for action, dissocial personality – the prosecutor listed the aggravating circumstances.

The accused also refused to give explanations (photo from March 2022)Podlasie Police

She found no mitigating factors. – For 20 years, the defendant lived peacefully, leading an undisturbed lifestyle. As if nothing had happened, she said.

Defender: The potential perpetrator only wanted to incapacitate the victim in order to commit the rape

The defense wanted an acquittal. Attorney Andrzej Charkiewicz spoke about the potential perpetrator of the crime, not about his client, because he did not admit his guilt.

In the opinion of the lawyer, there were a number of doubts in the case, mainly concerning the intention of the potential perpetrator and his motive. Charkiewicz assessed that there was even no intention of murder, and the potential perpetrator only wanted to incapacitate the victim in order to rape her.

– Certainly, the perpetrator of the prohibited act did not foresee the result of his actions in the form of deprivation of life – emphasized the lawyer.

He spoke of a possible different legal classification – involuntary manslaughter or causing injuries that resulted in death, but – as he noted – “this requires a deeper analysis”.

He also disputed the allegation of jewelry theft and reminded that – in case the court found his client guilty – the crime occurred more than 20 years ago.

– Will we today judge the same man who then committed the same prohibited act? I believe that today he is a completely different person who has different values ​​- he said.

Main photo source: Podlasie Police

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