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Bialystok. Agnieszka was brutally raped near her home and died in hospital. The prosecutor wants life

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30-year-old Agnieszka D. was a nurse. In August 2001, she was brutally raped in the Sienkiewicza housing estate in Białystok and died in the hospital. After nearly 22 years, the verdict was delivered. The 44-year-old was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Both sides filed appeals. The defense still wants an acquittal, the prosecution – life imprisonment.

The appeals went to the Court of Appeal in Białystok; the date of their recognition has not yet been set.

The crime happened in August 2001. A young woman was returning home in the evening when she was attacked in the Sienkiewicza housing estate in Bialystok. The perpetrator strangled her, tied her hands with pieces of clothing and tried to gag her. When she lost consciousness, he raped her. As a result of her injuries, the 30-year-old died after a few months in the hospital. The assault took place right next to the block where she lived. It happened after she walked her cousin to the bus stop.

In the ongoing investigation of the perpetrator of the rape, robbery (the prosecutor’s office assumed that the victim had been robbed of jewelry) and murder, it was not possible to determine; one year after the crime, the prosecution proceedings were discontinued for this reason.

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Detained in England after 20 years

In 2020, however, the policemen from the so-called X-Files, dealing with difficult, unsolved criminal cases, and the District Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok. In June 2021, the Podlasie police announced that the suspect of this crime had been arrested in the UK; it turned out that for several years he lived near Manchester with his wife and three children. It was handed over to Polish law enforcement authorities at the end of February last year. He was then charged with rape, murder and robbery.

The suspect was taken to the prosecutor’s office, where he was chargedPodlasie Police

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Both in the investigation and in court, he did not confess, he did not want to give explanations. The main evidence against him was traces of DNA. They pointed to the accused after comparing the data with the British database, because the man was listed there.

The prosecution still wants a life sentence for the accusedPodlasie Police

The court found DNA traces to be strong, key evidence of guilt

Before the District Court in Białystok, the prosecutor wanted a life sentence, the defense wanted an acquittal. In January, the court of the first instance sentenced the accused to 25 years in prison without a final decision. According to the verdict, he will be eligible for parole after 20 years. The parents of the deceased also wanted 500,000. PLN compensation; The court awarded them a total of 300,000. zloty.

The District Court in Bialystok recognized DNA traces as strong, key evidence of guilt. He assumed that the purpose was rape, and in the case of murder the perpetrator acted with contingent intention, ie that by strangling the woman he should have foreseen the lethal outcome. At the same time, he assessed that there was no robbery; there was no evidence to determine whether the perpetrator really took the chain with the cross around the victim’s neck, or maybe it broke during the robbery and was taken from the street by a random finder, not realizing that it was the victim’s jewelry.

Both sides filed appeals. The prosecutor’s office accuses the sentence of gross disproportionate punishment and still wants a life sentence, although it does not question the position of the court of first instance that in the case of murder the perpetrator acted with a possible intention.


He lived in England for 15 yearsPodlasie Police

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The crime took place in the Sienkiewicz housing estate in Białystok

Main photo source: Podlasie Police

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