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Bialystok. Cameras have been installed in garbage trucks. This is to increase control over waste segregation

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An employee of the waste collection company, before emptying the container, opens the lid so that you can register what is inside. A is recorded by a camera placed in the back of a garbage truck. This solution has been used in all garbage trucks that drive around Białystok since the beginning of July. This is to increase control over waste segregation.

The requirement to install cameras in garbage trucks collecting waste from Bialystok residents results from the agreements concluded by the city with individual companies. Until July 1, the project was implemented as a pilot in selected vehicles. After this date, all garbage trucks must be equipped with cameras.

“According to the provisions of the contracts, when collecting waste collected in containers, the lid of the container should be opened after attaching the container in order to determine the type of waste contained in them – which will allow the recording of the contents of individual containers” – wrote to us Anna Kowalska from the department of social communication in Bialystok magistrate.

All garbage trucks in the city already have cameras (photo from April 2023, from the spring cleaning of Białystok)City Hall in Bialystok / M. Kowalik-Strapczuk

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They can increase fees by 100 percent

Officials hope that thanks to the cameras, residents will pay more attention to waste segregation. If this does not work, the city may increase the fee for waste collection by 100 percent in the month in which the owner did not comply with the segregation rules.

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As Anna Kowalska informs us, this year 21 decisions were issued using these increased rates.

“The increased fee is a compensation for the cost that the municipality has to bear when collecting unsorted waste as mixed waste. About 30 percent of decisions have been questioned – appeals have been filed against them” – the official points out.

Appeals can be made

He adds that appeals go to the Local Government Appeals Board.

“An appeal may be filed by a party to the proceedings: in the case of multi-unit buildings, a cooperative or housing community – according to the method of representation (and not its individual residents)” – explains Anna Kowalska.

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When asked whether the decisions concerned only people living in single-family houses or entire communities and cooperatives, he claims that he cannot answer because such data does not result from tax returns.

“The owners do not indicate the type of development (whether it is single or multi-family housing)” – he points out.

The target level of waste recovery is 65 percent

It is worth noting that all municipalities in Poland must achieve the levels of preparation of waste for reuse and recycling required by law.

In 2023, it is to be at least 35 percent. weight of all garbage. Last year it was at least 25%. and Bialystok reached this level. The target level is a minimum of 65%. Municipalities are to achieve it in 2035 and maintain it in the following years.

Main photo source: City Hall in Bialystok / M. Kowalik-Strapczuk

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