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Bialystok. Dispute between Jagiellonia and the stadium company. Fans will travel 300 kilometers to see their team as the host?

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Jagiellonia Białystok does not agree to the conditions proposed by the municipal company managing the stadium. Therefore, she did not submit an application for renting the facility for the upcoming season. The president of the club claims that he is close to signing a contract, thanks to which the club would play at the stadium in Płock. That is about 300 kilometers from the capital of Podlasie. Meanwhile, the president of Bialystok received a letter from PZPN, which shows that playing matches as a host outside the city where the club is located may mean losing the license to play in Ekstraklasa.

I can’t imagine playing anywhere else. Nevertheless, due to this impasse and the lack of a contract, we looked for other solutions and today we are close to signing a contract with Wisła Płock, with which we quickly reached an agreement with the president, Tomasz Marc, said the president of Jagiellonia Białystok, Wojciech Pertkiewicz, during a press conference.

The club did not submit an offer (and the deadline expired on June 12) for the lease of the city stadium in Białystok, so that it could play Ekstraklasa matches there in the upcoming season. And Jagiellonia must indicate to Ekstraklasa SA the stadium where it will play as a host one month before the start of the games. They start on July 22nd.

There is an ongoing dispute over the terms of renting the city stadium in Białystok Tomasz Mikulicz

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They do not want to agree to the terms proposed by the municipal company

The reason why the club did not submit its offer is that it does not agree to the conditions proposed by the Municipal Stadium company belonging to the Białystok local government. Disagreements regarding the signing of the contract were already before the start of the last season, but eventually an agreement was reached. Now, if the scenario is different and Jagiellonia actually concludes a contract with Wisła Płock, the fans of the club from Bialystok will have to go to matches in a city about 300 kilometers away.

Wojciech Pertkiewicz, president of Jagiellonia Białystok: paying a lump sum of 1 million 820 thousand. PLN we want to have the right to benefit from the match dayJaga TV

In the previous season, Jagiellonia paid PLN 1,790,000 for rent. zloty. For the upcoming season, the stadium company proposed 1 million 820 thousand. zloty.

– The amount is practically unchanged. This difference of PLN 30,000 results from the necessity to install the platforms needed to place the cameras on the stands. Because this is the requirement of the PZPN – told us Adam Popławski, the president of the Stadion Miejski company.

Jagiellonia wants to take advantage of the VIP lounges on match days

During the negotiations, Jagiellonia proposed a much lower amount (as the stadium company informs in a statement on its website, it was PLN 990,000), but as the president of Jagiellonia Wojciech Pertkiewicz explained during the press conference – this is what the negotiations are about, that a lower amount to be able to increase it later.

He also declared that the club accepts these 1 million 820 thousand. However, within this amount, he wants the stadium company to provide Jagiellonia with skyboxes, i.e. VIP lounges.

Jagiellonia did not submit an offer and the deadline has already expired Tomasz Mikulicz

Currently, Jagiellonia rents only four skyboxes under a separate contract with the stadium company. He pays for the whole year (because the company has adopted the model of renting boxes for the whole year, it is not possible to rent them for individual days) and can use them all year round, not only on match days. The remaining 12 skyboxes are rented by the stadium company (of course also on an annual basis) to various entities – companies, individuals, etc.

Not only lodges, but also catering

– By paying a lump sum of PLN 1,820,000, we want to have the right to benefit from the match day. So as part of the leased facility, we not only want turf and seats, but we also want to have access to skyboxes, which are a source of large income and are generally something normal in the world and in Poland when it comes to other stadiums. The same applies to catering – President Pertkiewicz said during the conference.

The stadium company has a contract with a catering company that caters for all events. Including matches. On match days, Jagiellonia has no profit from the fact that fans buy products served by a catering supplier. The club wants that to change.

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– In our situation, it looks like this, that we are forced to incur costs in those places where we should derive revenues – said the president of Jagiellonia Białystok.

His estimates show that if the club agreed to the stadium company’s proposal and paid PLN 1.82 million for the stadium rental without providing skyboxes on match days and without the possibility of making profit on match days from catering, it would have to take into account a loss of PLN 600,000 . PLN to PLN 1.2 million.

– This is a loss that I cannot afford as the manager of this club – said Pertkiewicz.

The president of the stadium company talks about a loss of PLN 1.5 million

Adam Popławski, president of the stadium company, also spoke about the loss, but reaching PLN 1.5 million, during his press conference. He stated that this is how much the company would have to pay to the contract for renting the stadium. He explained that this amount results from the addition of 830,000. PLN and almost 700 thousand. zloty.

The first one came from the difference between PLN 1.82 million, which the company gives as the value of the stadium rental, and PLN 990,000 declared by Jagiellonia in the negotiations. PLN (the fact that the club agrees to PLN 1.82 million, as the president of Jagiellonia said at the press conference, was not mentioned during the negotiations, so the club proposed PLN 990,000). The nearly 700,000 PLN came from the fact that Jagiellonia proposed during the negotiations the possibility of drawing benefits from the skyboxes rented by the stadium company on match days. The company would still rent them to various people or institutions, but part of the profits would be transferred to the club. And these profits from all match days in the year would, according to the calculations of the company and the rate proposed by the club, amount to almost PLN 700,000. zloty.

Adam Popławski, President of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok: We have been telling Jagiellonia for a long time that all skyboxes are available.  He can rent them

Adam Popławski, President of the Municipal Stadium in Białystok: We have been telling Jagiellonia for a long time that all skyboxes are available. He can rent themFacebook/ Municipal Stadium in Białystok

– The club expects that for the fact that they do not want to rent skyboxes from the stadium, and we rent them, paying all costs, we are to pay the amount for the club that results from the unit rate they indicated – in the amount of almost PLN 700,000. PLN – said President Adam Popławski during a press conference.

He also asked rhetorically whether anyone who spends public money would accept such a solution.

– This is an allegation of mismanagement and a consequence for the board – he said during the conference.

Jagiellonia would have to pay for the use of the boxes in a separate contract

He emphasized that if Jagiellonia wants to use all skyboxes, nothing stands in the way. As he pointed out, it is enough that instead of four as it is now, the club will rent the remaining boxes in an open procedure.

– We cannot agree to solutions that will result in breaking the law, and these are Jagiellonia’s expectations – said President Popławski in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The company declares that it may participate in talks with the caterer

When it comes to catering, he emphasized that its formula in Białystok is identical to the model that functions in Gdynia, and which model was indicated by President Pertkiewicz as the correct one.

The stadium company states that if it had accepted the club’s proposals, which were made during the negotiations, it would have lost PLN 1.5 millionTomasz Mikulicz

– The only difference is that Arka Gdynia signed a contract directly with the catering operator and regulated the rules of cooperation, and Jagiellonia does not see such a need and acts only on an ad hoc basis. We are ready to participate in talks to work out such a solution together with the catering operator and Jagiellonia – declared Popławski.

Adam Popławski: this is the right time to change your approach

He also told us that when it comes to the issues that Jagiellonia raises, they have been discussed many times.

– Together with the lawyers, possible legal solutions were indicated for the club, which does not question these legal opinions. Despite repeated willingness to talk on our part, last year President Pertkiewicz did not want to talk about cooperation. This is the right time to change your approach. It is high time to end this situation based on legal actions – emphasized the president of the stadium company.

President Truskolaski surprised by the attitude of the president of Jagiellonia

On Thursday (June 15), after 3 p.m., the media received a statement from the president of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski.

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“For a long time I have been surprised by the attitude of the president of Jagiellonia Białystok, Mr. Wojciech Pertkiewicz. No one who has ‘J’ in his heart would risk leading to a situation where the club would play outside Białystok, as well as its relegation to the IV League. may be the result of decisions made by the president of Jagiellonia Białystok.

The president got a reply from the PZPN

He also reported that he asked the president of PZPN Cezary Kulesza and the secretary general of PZPN Łukasz Wachowski with the question: “is it possible, in the light of the applicable regulations, to participate in the league games of a team that plays its matches as a host outside the city where the club’s headquarters is located?” , although the license granted to him applies to the stadium in Bialystok?”.

At the stadium in Białystok, Jagiellonia plays as the host Tomasz Mikulicz

“The answer given by PZPN clearly shows that in the case of Jagiellonia, changing the place of the games from the legal and factual point of view is practically impossible. Such an attempt could mean Jagiellonia Białystok losing the license enabling it to play in Ekstraklasa” – noted Tadeusz Truskolaski in statement.

“I hope that Jagiellonia Białystok will understand the legal regulations”

The PZPN reply attached to the statement shows that if the club wanted to change the stadium, it would have to change its administrative seat to another city. And such a change would be time-consuming and “absolutely extraordinary.”

“Today, there is only one possibility to solve this issue in accordance with the law and economical management of a public company. It is signing a contract on the terms of the procedure in which Jagiellonia did not submit an offer. I hope that Jagiellonia Białystok will understand the legal provisions governing the occurrence of club in Ekstraklasa, as well as those limiting the activities of the Municipal Stadium company” – the president concluded.

Main photo source: Tomasz Mikulicz

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