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Bialystok. Dramatic increase in the incidence of cancer. Including the pandemic

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– We see an avalanche increase in patients reporting cancer – informs the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship). As we hear in the facility, the situation during the pandemic had a significant impact on this.

The increase in the Bialystok Oncology Center is significant, as 200 percent more breast cancers were detected than before the pandemic. However, in the case of colorectal cancer or prostate cancer in men, there are also visible increases. The pandemic has exacerbated this problem. People were afraid to go to the doctor for fear of infection coronavirusand access to specialist doctors was difficult.

– The increase in incidence is most visible in the case of breast cancer, but we also see the same in cases of colorectal and prostate cancer. The number of patients coming to us is increasing. These are monthly increments of several dozen percent. If we compare year to year, it is even 200 percent – said Dr. Dorota Kazberuk, medical director of the Bialystok Cancer Center, told TVN24.

More and more cancer patients, the problem of prevention

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Doctors admit that patients did not come for examinations that would allow early detection of cancer. Unfortunately, there is a noticeable increase in the number of patients in the advanced stage of the disease, which proves fatal prophylaxis.

Professor Wojciech Naumnik, who deals with lung cancer, reports that previously he had five cancer patients a day. Today, there are even more than ten of them every day. Similar reflections are shared by another physician from Białystok – Professor Paweł Knapp, head of the University Oncology Center who deals with gynecological cancers. He points out that regular examinations would allow for quick detection of changes in the body, giving a chance for recovery.

The increase in the incidence of cancer is visibleShutterstock

We also talked to specialists from other parts of the country – Poznań, Gdańsk and Olsztyn. They emphasize that the problem is actually noticeable and disturbing. They add that there is no thorough research on this subject yet. The National Oncology Register provides data only until 2020. They are updated every 2 years, this year they are not there yet.

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