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Białystok. Financial penalty for a famous disco polo musician. For not appearing as a witness in his son’s trial

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One and a half thousand zlotys – this is the fine imposed on the famous disco polo musician by the District Court in Zambrów (Podlaskie Voivodeship). The man did not appear as a witness at the trial of his 34-year-old son, accused of defaming and insulting a judge from Białystok.

The witness, who was named by the defense lawyers, failed to appear in court for the second time without an excuse. In this situation, the Zambrów court decided on Thursday (September 14) to impose a financial penalty and postponed the trial until the second half of October.

The case concerns entries on social media that appeared there immediately after the District Court in Białystok passed a final verdict against a 34-year-old man for violating a court driving ban.

The court punished a famous disco polo musician. He has to pay PLN 1.5 thousand. zloty TVN24

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Entries containing vulgar content directed at the judge

It was a suspended prison sentence of 10 months and PLN 10,000. PLN fine and a six-year ban on driving any motor vehicles. The defense requested a milder penalty, especially the shortening of the driving ban.

Immediately after this verdict, entries were published on the social media account of the 34-year-old – the son of a famous disco polo musician – which included, among others: vulgar content towards the judge who sentenced the man.

According to entries quoted by the media in December 2021, they included, among others: words about the control of the law, an unjust judgment issued probably out of “pure dislike for other people”. After vulgar epithets, the entry ended with the words “take care of your life and don’t judge others, you boor.”

The prosecutor’s office in Ostrów Mazowiecka (the Białystok prosecutor’s office excluded itself so as not to be accused of lack of impartiality) accused the man of defaming and insulting the judge through “media of mass communication” between December 7-9, 2021 via the social networking site Instagram.

According to the prosecutor’s office, on his Instagram profile he posted “insulting, vulgar and insulting entries about the judge of the District Court in Białystok and slandered the injured party with such behavior and characteristics that exposed the judge to the loss of trust needed to practice his profession.”

The process started only after the third attempt

The process started in June, but it was not possible to complete it in March or May. The first time, one of the defenders did not show up. On the other hand, the parties were complete, but one of the lawyers did not have time to prepare for the hearing, explaining that he had received the notice only two days earlier.

The lawyers did not manage to make the hearing public (they explained it for the good of the family of the popular and recognizable musician throughout the country), but the court proceedings are carried out without revealing the accused’s personal data and his image.

The 34-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charges and pleaded not guilty both in the investigation and in court. The Białystok prosecutor’s office provided the court in Zambrów with information that during the period covered by the charges, the accused did not report any hacking of his social media account.

Main photo source: TVN24

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