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Białystok. He changed product prices and could spend eight years in prison

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A 38-year-old man in a DIY store posted prices for cheaper products and asked random customers to pay. He later returned the cash to them. The losses were estimated at over PLN 4,500 in total. The man was charged with four counts of fraud. He faces up to eight years in prison.

The officer on duty at the Białystok police station received a report that in one of the construction stores, a security employee caught a man who had stuck a code from another, cheaper product on the goods. He then paid this lower price at the self-service checkout.

Instead of PLN 3,000, he paid PLN 232

“The man took a cardboard box with a vacuum cleaner worth nearly PLN 3,000 from the shelf and stuck the price of another cheaper product on it. He also added a hand sprayer to the basket and approached the self-service checkout as if nothing had happened. Instead of over PLN 3,000, he paid only PLN 232” – reported by the Podlasie police.

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He also had other frauds on his account

The police found out that this was not the only such act on his record. Since the end of March, the 38-year-old has committed a similar fraud three more times. Then – according to the police – he took filter sets worth nearly PLN 700 from the shelves.

“In two cases, he stuck a code for goods priced at PLN 25, and in the third for PLN 229. These products were paid for by card at the self-service checkout by random customers, whom he asked, explaining that he did not have a card. A moment after the transaction, the 38-year-old gave cash to people who made cashless payments,” the police said.

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He heard the charges

The man was arrested and taken to police custody. He was charged with four counts of fraud with a total loss of over PLN 4,500. He faces up to eight years in prison.

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