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Białystok. He lost his keys, climbed the balconies and fell asleep in someone else’s bed. The 35-year-old was wanted

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Police from Białystok detained a 35-year-old man who was wanted to serve a sentence for thefts. The man fell in because he fell asleep in someone else’s bed. He explained that he was renovating a few floors up, but he lost his keys and therefore decided to get there on the balconies. When he ran out of strength, he entered an apartment on the fourth floor and fell asleep there.

An unusual report was received from an inhabitant of the Antoniuk estate, the officer on duty in Białystok on Saturday evening. – According to the applicant’s words, after returning home, he found a stranger in his bed. He added that he locked him in a room and was waiting for the officers, informs Katarzyna Molska-Zarzecka from the police in Białystok.


“He went inside and fell asleep in someone else’s bed”

On the spot, it turned out that the man who slept in the flat’s owner’s bed was renovating the block of flats. When he realized that he had lost the keys to the apartment on the sixth floor, he decided to climb the balconies. However, he overestimated his abilities and got stuck on the fourth floor, where he noticed an open balcony – says the policewoman. And he adds that the man decided to take advantage of the situation. – He went inside and fell asleep in someone else’s bed. A few hours later he was awakened by the reporting person who notified the police, reports Molska-Zarzecka. During the identification of the 35-year-old, it turned out that he was wanted by the court. All because he has eight months in prison for theft. – “The uninvited guest” ended up in custody from the bed – the policewoman acknowledges.

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