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Bialystok. Jacek Żalek’s dog was bitten. There is a court order

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The court found that the resident of Podlasie was guilty of “failing to take the usual precautions”, as a result of which his dog bit the four-legged MP Jacek Żalek. Mr. Michał’s dog was on his property, and Mr Żalek’s dog ran loose and ran to the gate. Then came the bite. The court refrained from punishing the guilty, but he will have to pay for the trial. We received the first information about the case on Kontakt 24.

The District Court in Białystok found Michał Chodorowski, a resident of Niewodzica Korycka, guilty of failing to take “usual precautions”. According to the court, the man allowed his dog Bella to put his mouth through the gate and bite the dog of MP Jacek Żalek, vice president of the Republican Party.

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The court found guilty, but refrained from imposing a sentence

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– Precautions should be understood as such procedures that are aimed at eliminating the danger to life and health of people and the danger to property, the source of which could be animals. The accused allowed his dog to run loose on the property, so he should take such measures, including the construction of a fence through which the dog will not get out, through which he will not be able to put his mouth through – said judge Grażyna Dorota Redos-Kryńska in oral justification judgment. She added: – The accused allowed his dog to come into contact, which put his mouth through the fence and bit a Labrador dog. Therefore, the accused did not limit the freedom of his dog.

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However, the court refrained from imposing a penalty, because – in its opinion – the MP was also not without fault in this situation. Mr Michał was ordered to pay the costs of the trial.

The deputy and his attorney were not in the courtroom on Friday.

Electric fence?

The verdict is not final and Urszula Dubieniecka-Kiszla, the defendant’s lawyer, admitted that an appeal is likely. – It is a matter of interpretation what is meant by “normal precautions”. Let’s not forget that the dog was in the area of ​​the owner (editor’s note – the accused) of the property – she commented after the court’s decision.

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Michał did not hide that he did not agree with the verdict, because he did not know how he could better secure the property. – Should I tie the dog down, connect the fence to electricity? he asked rhetorically. He added that he would consult his attorney on further steps.

Mr. Michael and Bellatvn24

One walked without a leash, the other ran around the property

On the ill-fated day – at the beginning of November 2022 – the MP was walking with his dog, which ran loose around Mr. Michał’s property and ran to the gate where Bella was barking. Then the female dog in the yard bit the MP’s dog. The MP separated the quadrupeds and noticed that his ward was injured.

Bella’s owner didn’t feel responsible. Then the politician’s wife, as Żalek himself admitted in court, decided to report the case to the police. – She felt very slighted by the owners (editor’s note – the dog) – he said during the trial.

The wound of MP Żalek’s dog, as he said before the court, “fortunately healed quickly”.

We received information about the incident and the ongoing proceedings on Contact 24.

Main photo source: Michal Chodorowski

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