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Bialystok. Not 395, but 562 thousand. PLN is to be received by Robert Garbacz for unjustified arrest

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The Court of Appeal in Bialystok increased the amount of compensation and compensation to be received by Robert Garbacz. In 2019, the man was acquitted of the charges of introducing two counterfeit hundred-dollar bills into circulation and of being a member of a criminal group that allegedly smuggled 88 kilograms of cocaine into Poland.

Let’s go back to 2000. It was then that Robert Garbacz left Poland for USA, after he ended his boxing career in Kraśnik after an injury. In the States, he started a family and had a transport company.

As he told in an interview for “Gazeta Wyborcza” in 2017, he flew to Kraśnik to treat a damaged nasal septum – a souvenir of his boxing career. He was arrested in January 2010. At the police station, he learned that he was suspected of being involved in a gang that distributed counterfeit hundred-dollar bills.

Robert Garbacz spent over a year in custodyTVN24

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He was supposed to circulate counterfeit notes, he made up a story about cocaine

“In September last year [2009 r. – red.]when I was in Kraśnik for the penultimate time, my friends and I went to the pub to reminisce about old times. We drank beer and played slot machines. I bet. As I quickly ran out of zlotys, I exchanged a hundred-dollar bill at the bar. Then a second and a third. After the arrest, the police station informed me that two out of three banknotes were fake. Accusation: introducing fakes into circulation,” he said in an interview for “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

He also said that officers from the Central Investigation Bureau offered him alcohol. And under the influence of their solicitation, he said that he was a member of a criminal group that smuggled to Poland from Mexico 88 kilograms of cocaine – in two deliveries, 55 and 33 kilograms. He said he made up the story so he could get out of jail early.

“Where did 88 kg come from? Because that was the number of my grandparents’ house in the countryside, where I went on vacation. Number 33? Because that’s how old I was at the time. And 55? It’s the difference between 88 and 33,” he told Wyborcza.

He was in custody for over a year. He was banned from leaving Poland

Although he later retracted his testimony, he was charged with participating in an organized crime group, drug smuggling and circulating counterfeit cash.

He was in pre-trial detention from January 28, 2010 to January 31, 2011. After his release, he was banned from leaving the country and was unable to return to his family in the United States for six years. He claimed that it broke up both his family and the company.

He was legally acquitted. He demanded over PLN 15 million

In January 2019, the District Court in Lublin acquitted Robert Garbacz. The trial found no evidence to suggest that he was the one who introduced the counterfeit notes into circulation. Investigators also failed to find evidence of cocaine smuggling. In the same year, the Court of Appeal in Lublin confirmed the decision of the first instance.

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After this verdict, Robert Garbacz applied to the state treasury for over PLN 15 million as compensation and compensation. As attorney Grzegorz Gozdór, who represented him, explained, this amount was indicated on the basis of the expert’s calculations of the value of the American company, lost income and home.

In the first instance, a total amount of over PLN 395,000 was adjudicated. zloty

In April 2022, the District Court in Lublin awarded Garbacz PLN 210,365 in damages and PLN 185,000 in compensation with interest. In total, he was to receive over 395,000. zloty. The judgment was not final.

Advocate Grzegorz Gozdór about the possible filing of a motion to appeal the judgment TVN24

In the second instance, the case went to the Court of Appeal in Białystok, which, by judgment of June 1, 2023, increased Garbacz’s compensation to PLN 298,000. PLN 17, and compensation – up to PLN 264,000. zloty. That is a total of 562 thousand. PLN 17.

Court: There is no evidence that he made statements after giving him alcohol

Judge Sławomir Wołosik stated in the justification that the extension of the temporary detention was the result of the suspect’s actions (i.e. testimonies regarding drugs – editor’s note). He also added that there is no credible evidence that the suspect made statements after giving him alcohol or using other prohibited techniques by the police.

– The expert stated that Robert Garbacz is a mythomaniac, i.e. he tells stories about himself that may place him better in certain social circles – judge Wołosik noted.

Possible appeal

After the verdict was announced, attorney Grzegorz Gozdór, Garbacz’s attorney, announced in an interview with journalists that he would submit a request for a written justification of the verdict.

“I think there will be an appeal,” he added.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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