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Białystok, Podlasie. Deadlock of the regional council. The decisive vote is given to Stanisław Derehajło, known for the memes “Mr. Areczek…”

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PiS has 15 seats in the Podlaskie Voivodeship assembly, KO – eight, Trzecia Droga – six, and Konfederacja – one. The latter was won by the president of the Agreement for Democracy (formerly Jarosław Gowin's Agreement) and former vice-marshal of the voivodeship, Stanisław Derehajło, whose vote now determines whether PiS will have a majority. He tells us that he wants to talk to all parties, but if he supports KO and the Third Way, we may face early elections.

The results in the elections to the Podlaskie Voivodeship assembly leave no doubt. PiS has 15 seats, the Civic Coalition – eight, and Third Droga – six.

The key mandate was won by Stanisław Derehajło, known from internet memes from the series “Mr. Areczku…” (referring to the so-called Janusz business – editor's note), who ran with KWW Konfederacja and Bezpartyjni Samorządowcy.

Stanislaw Derehajło won a key seat in the regional council MAREK MALISZEWSKI/REPORTER/EASTNEWS

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From the mayor of Bociek to the head of the Agreement

Derehajło is a farmer. In the years 1998–2017 he was the mayor of the Boćki commune. In 2018, he was elected to the Podlaskie Voivodeship assembly. He started from PiS lists as a member of Jarosław Gowin's Agreement, which was then forming the United Right. In 2018, he also became the deputy marshal of the voivodeship, and from August 2020 – the head of the Podlasie structures of the Agreement.

After the leader of the Agreement, Jarosław Gowin, was expelled from the government of Mateusz Morawiecki in August 2021, in October 2021 Derehajło was – at the request of Marshal Artur Kosicki from PiS (now he also got into the regional council – editor's note) – dismissed from the position of deputy marshal . However, he performed his function until March 2022 due to the fact that only then Sebastian Łukaszewicz from Solidarna Polska (today an MP from Sovereign Poland – editor's note) became the deputy marshal.

After leaving the United Right, Derehajło was an independent councilor. In October last year, as the chairman of the Podlasie structures of the Agreement, he unsuccessfully ran in the parliamentary elections on the Confederation's lists. However, after the elections, he became the head of Porozumienie after Magdalena Sroka (she became the head after the resignation of Jarosław Gowin in December 2022 – editor's note) got into the Sejm from the Third Way list and resigned from leading the party (since June 2023, the party is fully named Porozumienie for Democracy – editor's note).

Stanisław Derehajło: I will talk to everyone

Now Derehajło has become the main player in the regional council.

– It's too early to make any decisions yet. I will talk to all parties. We drive on the same roads and walk on the same sidewalks. I want to ask both sides how they want to distribute funds in EU programs, whether they will go to smaller towns. I am also curious whether there will be support for border communes – he tells us.

If he supports PiS, there will be a 16-seat majority, if KO and Trzecia Droga are tied 15:15.

– Then what? Early elections. This happened once in Podlasie (in 2007 – editor's note) – notes Derehajło.

“Stool? I have a good chair at home”

He adds that the name of the party he leads suggests a certain way of acting.

– I am convinced that we will all reach an agreement – PiS, KO and Trzecia Droga. Perhaps for the first time in the history of the voivodeship – he emphasizes.

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When we ask whether he will demand the position of marshal, he claims that the question is inappropriate because he does not care about positions.

– Stool? I have a good chair at home, he says.

He wants to be able to “look his neighbors honestly in the eye”

He emphasizes that he sticks to his views, and the most important thing for him is to be able to honestly look his neighbors in the eye.

– My political past clearly shows that I am going my own way. To make Podlasie a place where our children can develop – he says.

In 2018, PiS triumphed, in 2014 it was in opposition

PiS also won the local assembly elections in 2018. At that time, however, it had 16 seats (nine for KO and three for PSL), which gave it a majority. They managed to stay in power for the entire term, although the club was reduced to 12 people, supported by some independent councilors, who numbered as many as five at the end of the term.

However, after the 2014 elections, PiS was in the opposition. Although it obtained the best result at that time (12 seats), PSL won nine, PO – eight, and SLD Lewica Razem – one seat.

Author:Tomasz Mikulicz


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