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Białystok, Poleska Street. The dog was wandering between the cars and a policeman helped him

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A frightened dog was running on one of the busy streets in Białystok. The animal was noticed by a policeman who took it to a police car and gave it water. The quadruped went to the shelter, where it is waiting for its owner.

On Friday (24 September) in the morning, a policeman from the Białystok police station noticed a dog wandering around Poleska Street.

– The animal ran on the road between cars. He gave the impression of being lost and confused – says the aspirant Katarzyna Molska-Zarzecka from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok.

He has been wandering around the estate for several days

The animal looked confused and confusedKMP in Bialystok

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The uniformed man reacted immediately and helped the frightened quadruped. He took the dog to the police car, where he calmed him down and gave him water.

– The dog turned out to be a very gentle and trusting animal. The officer managed to find out that the dog had been wandering around the estate for several days. Eventually, he ended up in a Białystok shelter, where he waits for the owner – emphasizes Asp. Molska-Zarzecka.


All people who recognize the dog are asked to contact the Białystok animal shelter.

The policeman helped the quadruped KMP in Bialystok

The dog wandered around Poleska Street in Białystok

Main photo source: KMP in Bialystok

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