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Białystok. She left the right lane and pushed the taxi next to her. Recording

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At Kontakt 24, we received a recording showing how on Poleska Street in Białystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship), the driver of a Toyota left the right lane, pushing a taxi passing by.

Mr. Andrzej, the author of the recording, said that the incident took place on Thursday (December 7) around 4 p.m. on Poleska Street in Białystok.

– I was driving to pick up my son when, behind the traffic lights, just before the intersection, a car from the right lane started moving to the left. Initially, I thought that maybe the driver had made a mistake and turned left, actually wanting to turn right, but later in the video I saw that initially the car was going straight, until suddenly it started to slide – he wrote on Contact 24.

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He added that “after entering the middle lane, the taxi driver was forced to turn left from the middle lane and thus drove through the intersection, fortunately at a moment when no one else was driving from the opposite side, because he was also initially in the lane to drive straight.”

The police are investigating the case

– In turn, the passenger car entered the lane going in the opposite direction, literally driving between the first cars waiting at the traffic lights and the barrier. When all this happened, I stopped for a moment to see if the driver had fainted or if something had happened, but I saw that behind the wheel of this car was a young woman who looked scared but was conscious, so I continued driving. , because there was quite a lot of traffic in this place and I didn’t want to block the route – he said.

The incident took place in the center of BiałystokContact 24/ Andrzejeseu

The man emphasized that “returning along the same road after some time, he saw two cars being taken to a tow truck.” – They were both dark, so it wasn’t a taxi, but rather a car waiting at the traffic lights, although at first it seemed to me that it hadn’t been scraped, but clearly something must have happened if they were taking it away. I don’t know what happened to the taxi, he added.

The Białystok police are conducting an investigation into this case. – Explanatory activities are being carried out in a misdemeanor case. They aim, among other things, to determine all its circumstances. Only authorized persons will be informed about the manner of completing these proceedings in accordance with the law – said junior aspirant Malwina Trochimczuk, press officer of the Municipal Police Commander in Białystok.

Main photo source: Contact 24/ Andrzejeseu

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