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Bialystok. She slammed the car door, leaving her daughter inside. Uniforms and witnesses helped – recording

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In Białystok, a woman accidentally slammed the door of a car in which she left her 1.5-month-old daughter. There was also a purse with keys inside. The nervous mother called for help to the uniformed officers who came to the place, broke the window and pulled the child out. The incident was captured on video released by the police.

The Municipal Police Headquarters in Białystok received a report from a woman who locked her keys in the car in the Piast estate. According to the report, her small child was inside. A police officer and a city guard who patrolled the area went to the spot.

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“The car stood in a sunny place, and a 1.5-month-old girl was locked inside for several minutes. Her nervous mother was also by the car” – reported the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bialystok.

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Uniforms and witnesses to help a child trapped in a car

Without wasting time, the city guard broke the window, and the policewoman, with the help of bystanders, got inside and opened the door. After a while, the baby was already in his mother’s arms.

A police officer and a city guard got the child out of the hot carKMP in Bialystok

“It turned out that the woman had left a purse with keys inside the vehicle, and the door was automatically locked after closing. The ambulance crew also arrived at the scene. Fortunately, the girl was not injured and was under the care of her mother,” the Białystok police said in a statement.

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Main photo source: KMP Bialystok

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