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Bialystok. The authorities draw the attention of drivers to hedgehogs. They are considering putting up signs “Beware of hedgehogs”

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Where does a hedgehog stomp at night? This is shown by officials from Bialystok. The hedgehog first sits by the curb, and then goes out onto the road and runs under the wheels of a parked car. Officials released the video because they want to draw the attention of drivers to animals. They are also considering putting up signs warning against hedgehogs.

“Hedgehogs living in Białystok are exposed to many dangers. The main cause of mortality of these animals are the wheels of vehicles” – this is how the entry on the Facebook profile of the City of Białystok begins.

A recording was posted there, which shows a hedgehog walking along one of the neighborhood streets and running under the wheels of a parked car.

Officials turn to drivers

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Hedgehog stepped onto the road and headed towards the parked carThe city of Bialystok

Officials ask drivers to pay special attention – both at night and during the day – to animals that cross the road very often.

“Unfortunately, hedgehogs do not run away from the threat, they just curl up into a ball and raise their spines. Therefore, we ask for more attention and observation of the driving route” – we read in the entry.

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Further, there is information that if anyone notices an injured hedgehog, they should report this fact by calling city ​​guard.

One of the netizens commenting on the post wrote that “maybe some signs should be set?”.

Such signs stand in Lublin Lublin City Hall

“Especially in the vicinity of the VIII LO, at Piastowska 3-9. Also at the access roads to the blocks. They have their nests there” – suggested the resident.

Signs in other cities

Such signs in 2021 appeared on selected streets of Lublin.

“This initiative of the City of Lublin was carried out with the participation of residents who indicated places of frequent occurrence of hedgehogs crossing the streets. After analyzing the residents’ proposals, the most frequently repeated locations were selected, where intensive car traffic takes place at the same time” – we read in the article published in August 2021 was published on the website of the Lublin City Hall.

Currently, there are 37 such signs in Lublin. According to the data of the Lublin magistrate, the cost of their purchase and installation amounted to about PLN 13,000. zloty.

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Similar boards have also been placed in selected places in Wrocław.

The authorities are wondering where the signs could be placed

It turns out that the authorities of Bialystok are also interested in placing such boards.

– We are looking at this idea and we are wondering how best to adopt it in our city and where such signs could appear. For now, we are still at the stage of analyzing this topic – says Urszula Boublej, spokeswoman for the Mayor of Bialystok.

He adds that even before the pandemic, municipal officials conducted classes in schools and kindergartens about hedgehogs and how to behave towards them.

– In addition, in autumn, among other things, because of hedgehogs, we do not rake leaves in parks. Thanks to this, these animals have a place to hide and they did not have to change their place of residence – emphasizes the spokeswoman.

Main photo source: The city of Bialystok

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