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Bialystok. The famous mural with grandma Eugenia will return to the wall of the skyscraper. The city hall gives the green light

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You do not have to go through the procedure of changing the local plan, counted in years, to return the mural “Send a Postcard to Grandma” to the wall of a skyscraper in the center of Białystok. The city authorities claim that the owner of the building, i.e. the marshal’s office, can start work without the need to obtain approvals. Everything indicates that grandma Eugenia will return to the wall this summer.

It was June 2019, when the mural “Send a postcard to grandma” appeared on the former building of the rectorate of the University of Bialystok. It was created as part of the Up To Date festival and was the work of artists from Warsaw’s Good Looking Studio, made on the basis of a joint project by Jan Estrada-Osmycki and the FUTD creative team. It presented the grandmother of radio journalist Andrzej Bajguz (who died in April 2022). The idea was to show how important it is not to forget about maintaining relationships with loved ones.

The mural instantly became one of the city’s landmarks. In 2021, however, it had to be covered, because the owner of the building – i.e. the Marshal’s Office – started thermomodernization.

This is what the original mural looked like Maciej Korsan/ Up To Date Festival

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The local plan does not provide for a mural

In May 2023, the marshal applied to the city council with a request to amend the local plan, in force since March 2019. He protected the skyscraper as an asset of contemporary culture, but did not foresee that a mural could be seen on one of its walls.

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Agnieszka Zabrocka, deputy director of the department of social communication in the Białystok city hall, points out, however, that in order for the mural to be recreated, there is no need to change the plan (the duration of the procedure needed to carry out the change is counted in years).

You can use the so-called insignificant deviation from the building design

It turns out that even before the entry into force of the plan, the marshal’s office received a building permit, which allowed, among others, insulation of the building. According to the permit, a mural was to be made on the side wall – a bison made of pixels. This one was never created because grandma was painted there. Now the mural can be recreated within the aforementioned building permit.

The wall has been insulated. You can paint on it Tomasz Mikulicz

– It would be an insignificant deviation from the approved construction design, which does not require a decision to amend the building permit – points out Zabrocka.

Grandma Eugenia will come back during the holidays?

The Marshal’s Office intends to follow this path.

“Marshal Artur Kosicki decided to recreate the mural on the wall of the office building at ul. Skłodowska. The painting will be possible after the completion of construction works carried out by the general contractor” – spokeswoman for the marshal Izabela Smaczna-Jórczykowska informed us.

It is supposed to please the eye of passers-by again Maciej Korsan/ Up To Date Festival

As the wall in question has already been insulated, we asked if there was a chance for the mural to be recreated in the near future.

“We are on the right track for Grandma Eugenia to return to her place during this holiday” – said the spokeswoman.

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Festival organizer: maybe there will be some minor changes

The organizer of the Up To Date Festival, Jędrzej Dondziło, is happy with this finale.

– This is very positive news. Except I’m not sure if the mural will be recreated one-to-one. Perhaps there will be minor changes, although of course it will still depict Grandma Eugenia. The work will be done by the same people who created the original version – he points out.

Main photo source: Maciej Korsan/ Up To Date Festival

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