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Bialystok. The female dog Chmara served in the police for 13 years. She retired

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Her name is Chmara and she is a drug search specialist. The 14-year-old female fox terrier had been in the police force for 13 years. First in Zambrów, and later in Białystok. Now, after retirement, Chmara will continue to live with the policeman with whom she went on duty. He has lifelong maintenance and veterinary care.

Chmara is a rough-haired fox terrier who, after 13 years of service in the police, is switching to retirement. After training at the Police Kennel Club in Sułkowice, she began her canine service at the Poviat Police Headquarters in Zambrów.

“Then, after six years, she went to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bialystok, and her guide was Staff Assistant Wiesław Baczyński. From the beginning, she searched for the smell of drugs” – writes Staff Sergeant Malwina Trochimczuk from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bialystok.

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She served in the police force for 13 yearsKMP Bialystok

Reliable dog nose

He adds that the 14-year-old dog has a lot of success under his belt. “Chmara has seen more drugs than many dealers and with her reliable dog nose has led uniformed officers to hidden drugs many times” – emphasizes the policewoman.

In Bialystok, her guide was staff midshipman Wiesław BaczyńskiKMP Bialystok

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Chmara is a drug discovery specialistKMP Bialystok

For example, at the end of July 2020, policemen from the Bialystok traffic police stopped a Skoda for inspection, whose driver exceeded the speed limit in a built-up area. During the inspection, the uniformed officers noticed a glass pipe, which aroused their suspicions. A moment later, they found a drought hidden in a sachet on the man. Chmara helped the officers search the car. The rest of the dried material was hidden under the doormat. Initial drug testing showed it was marijuana.

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The retired dog will continue to live with her guardian

Although Chmara ended her police service on March 31, she will not part with her guide.

She will continue to live with her guide KMP Bialystok

“As it has been so far, she remains under his care and will continue to live in his house. As a retired dog, she is provided with lifelong maintenance and veterinary care by the police” – emphasizes Trochimczuk.

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Main photo source: KMP Bialystok

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