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Bialystok. The Square of Free Belarus was opened in Białystok. The ceremony was attended by Svetlana Cichanouska

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The Square of Free Belarus in Białystok is a symbolic gesture of support for Belarusians fighting for democracy, said the leader of democratic Belarus, Svetlana Cichanuoska. The square, where a plaque with his name was unveiled on Friday afternoon, is located at the Belarusian consulate.

The name was given to the pavement next to this consulate, and the consulate is – as the mayor of Bialystok Tadeusz Truskolaski said – the only building located at this square.

Svetlana Cichanouska and Mayor Tadeusz Truskolaski unveiled a plaque with the name. The symbolic ceremony was also attended by parliamentarians, residents, Belarusians living in the region.

Free Belarus Square in BialystokTwitter/@Tsihanouskaya

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“Ten Square is one of the parts of free Belarus in the world”

– This gesture is a manifestation of the solidarity of the Polish nation with Belarusians and their fight for democracy – said Cichanouska, thanking her colleague Paweł Łatuszka and the mayor of Białystok for this initiative. She added that Poles have followed a similar path in the fight for freedom and democracy and Belarusians are grateful to them for their support and solidarity. She added that Belarusians believe that their hard road will also end in victory.

Cichanouska said that the place deserves the name of Wolna Square Belarusbecause Belarusians have been coming to this place for many years to show support for those fighting for a free Belarus, also to show solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus, to show that they remember the victims of this fight, tortured in prisons. She thanked the Belarusians from Podlasie for not forgetting their Belarusian brothers while living in a democratic country. She expressed hope that one day all Belarusians from both sides of the Polish-Belarusian border will live in a free, independent Europe, and for such a Europe many Belarusians are now sacrificing their lives, now sitting in Belarusian prisons, but also on the battlefield in Ukraine.

– This Square of Free Belarus in Białystok is one of the parts of free Belarus in the world. I am convinced that Belarus will become free, just like the name of this square – said Cichanouska.

“We want to show in this symbolic way that we are with you”

The Mayor of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski, emphasized that the square is small, just as there is little civil freedom in Belarus, but the symbolic significance of this square is even greater.

The president added, referring to the current situation beyond the eastern border, that Poland also “has a hostile state there”. – But this state is above all the enemy of its citizens and that is the worst. That is why we, the citizens of Białystok, want to show in this symbolic way that we are with you, that we remember you – said Truskolaski to the Belarusians.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Belarus, KO MP Robert Tyszkiewicz said that the topic of Belarus should still be present, Belarusians must be supported in their fight for democracy every day.

– Every day we have to do something, add one brick to this building of a new, democratic Belarusian state – said Tyszkiewicz. He reminded that the husband of Svetlana Cichanouska Siarhiej and an activist of the Polish minority in Belarus, a journalist, are also symbols of this path to freedom. Andrew Poczobutwho are sitting in a Belarusian prison.

Square of Free Belarus – decision of the councillors

The Bialystok councilors decided at the end of May to name the Square of Free Belarus in front of the consulate. Their decision was related to the judgment of the administrative court, which annulled the resolution adopted in September, which changed the name of part of Electric Street in Free Belarus. And during Friday’s symbolic ceremony and in the resolution on the square, the councilors emphasized that the name is “a sign of support for nationwide initiatives of foundations and associations operating in the country, whose goal is to defend the rights of society in Belarus and Belarusians living in Poland”.

Dozens of Belarusians with white-red-white flags of free Belarus came to the consulate to unveil the plaque with the name of the square. Among other things, “Living Belarus” was chanted. The representative of the diaspora of Belarusians in Białystok, Natalia Stepantsova, told PAP that the initiative of the square is very important for Belarusians, because so far around 150 different manifestations against the Lukashenka regime have been held here, support actions against the persecuted in Belarus, and Belarusians still need signs of solidarity

Main photo source: Twitter/@Tsihanouskaya

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