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Bialystok. Two teenagers injured. Hospital: fell from the embankment as the train passed. Police: they could take pictures

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Two teenagers were injured after they fell from an embankment under the influence of a gust caused by a passing train, a doctor from the University Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bialystok said. Earlier, there was information about the hitting of girls who, according to preliminary information from the police, were taking pictures in that place.

The accident happened on Friday afternoon on the tracks near the Białostoczek estate, near the railway bridge over the Biała river. Teenagers were injured after they fell from an embankment when a freight train from Siedlce to Suwałki was passing there.

Professor Ewa Matuszczak from the Department of Urology and Pediatric Surgery of the UDSK in Białystok said in an interview with TVN24 that the teenagers were admitted to the surgical ward, but their injuries did not require surgical intervention on Friday evening. She added that their condition is stable. She noted that the patients fell from several meters onto the hard ground, but fortunately they were not hit. She confirmed earlier information that they were taking pictures when the train arrived.

– Young girls carried away by a fantasy that made them take pictures by the railway embankment, were injured by the blast of a passing train. Fortunately, they were not hit by the train, but they did not take due care and unfortunately suffered injuries that require hospitalization in our clinic. Their condition is stable. We do not anticipate a sudden emergency surgical intervention at this time, although we cannot rule out such a need – said Prof. Matuszczak.

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Teenagers were hit by a freight train from Siedlce to Suwałki.TVN24

Earlier, the Polish Press Agency reported that teenagers were hit by a train. The telegram noted that police did not provide further details of the accident or the condition in which the teenagers were hospitalized. The press team only reported that the 14-year-olds were run over while taking the photos.

According to information obtained by PAP in the company PKP PLK, after the accident, train traffic on this route was suspended for two hours, replacement bus communication was introduced instead of passenger trains. As of 5:35 p.m., normal traffic was restored there.

Main photo source: TVN24

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