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Biden – Putin. Warning before the presidents talk

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If there is a new Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow should expect a strengthening of the US presence on NATO’s eastern flank, said a high-ranking representative of the White House. There will be a virtual summit on Tuesday between US and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

– After 2014, we had the European Deterrence Initiative, which included an increased deployment of rotating troops on the territory of allies of NATO’s eastern flank. (…) It can be expected that in the event of an invasion, there would be a need to increase the confidence and sense of security of our NATO allies and the United States would be ready to do so, said the representative of the Joe Biden administration during the conference ahead of Tuesday’s online conversation between the US and Russian presidents.


A high-ranking US official did not want to reveal the specifics of a possible US response to a potential invasion, but suggested that the US would support Ukraine with new arms shipments. At the same time, he emphasized that the goal of the USA is not military involvement in a possible conflict.

Biden will also warn the Russian president of serious economic consequences if Russia proceeds with the threat of an invasion of Ukraine, the US administration official added.

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The question of Ukraine and NATO

– The United States has consistently supported the principle that each state has the right to make its own decisions about its security (…). This is the policy of the USA today and will remain in the future, assured the official of the administration of President Joe Biden, when asked during a conference about Russia’s demands to exclude the possibility of Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

He added, however, that the US “supports discussions between NATO and Russia regarding issues that concern both sides, both Russian concerns about NATO’s activities and NATO and America’s concerns about Russia’s activities.” – At the same time, we do not think that the talks about the “red lines” will be helpful, and President (Biden) himself said that we will not act according to the logic of accepting anyone’s red lines “- the official noted.

Russian soldiers train near the Ukrainian border. Recorded on July 9 Ministry of Defense of Russia

Conversation Biden – Putin

Tuesday’s talks between the presidents of the US and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, will be preceded by talks with the leaders of the allied countries. The head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, will in turn talk to the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. During a press briefing on Tuesday’s US-Russia virtual summit, the White House representative also announced that Biden is also to hold a conversation with Zelensky in the following days.

Biden and Putin are due to conduct a virtual conversation as the United States tries to stop Russia from engaging in military action against Ukraine after Moscow has amassed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Ukraine.

The White House official also said the United States is working with European allies on a “strong response” in the event of a Russian invasion. He said US and European restrictions would “seriously harm the economy.”

A package of initiatives

On December 3, during a meeting with journalists at the White House, Biden announced that he was preparing a package of “initiatives” that would make Russia’s possible re-invasion of Ukraine “very, very difficult”. The president said that he was in constant contact with American allies and partners on this matter. “ What I am currently doing is preparing what will be the most complete and meaningful set of initiatives to make very, very difficult what people fear Mr Putin will do, ” he answered a question about the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine .

During the meeting OSCE ministerial in Stockholm US foreign minister Antony Blinken, in turn, threatened that Washington was willing to resort to restrictions which it had so far refrained from, and suggested that a possible Russian offensive would be costly for it.

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