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Biebrza. They stole the garbage can because they liked its aesthetics and quality

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In Biebrza, Podlaskie Voivodeship, three men packed a trailer with a waste bin and left. Witnesses to this unusual event called the police because they did not believe the men that they had come to pick up the rubbish. Anyway, they were detained immediately. They face up to five years in prison.

The police officers from the Rajgród police station received a notification of the theft of a waste segregation container in the first days of September. When they arrived, they agreed, after talking to the residents, that the perpetrators had packed the basket on a trailer a moment earlier and left.

They fell red-handed five kilometers away, when on one of the nearby roads the policemen noticed an Audi with a trailer with a stolen container on it.

Three residents of the Augustów poviat were detained

They put the loot in the trailer and drove offKPP Grajewo

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– Three inhabitants of the Augustów County, aged 18, 39 and 55, traveled by car. They explained to the uniformed that they took the trash can because they liked its aesthetics and the quality of workmanship – says Deputy Inspector Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlasie Police.

The victim estimated the value of the container at PLN 1,300. The men were arrested and their loot was returned to their place.

They heard allegations of theft

– They have already heard the allegations of theft. For this crime, the Penal Code provides for a penalty of up to five years’ imprisonment – informs the Chief Inspector. Groats.


Their loot fell to a waste segregation containerKPP Grajewo

He adds that the residents who did not believe the men that they were taking out the rubbish also deserve praise and immediately notified the police.

– It was thanks to their information and quick intervention by uniforms that the trio of thieves fell into the act – the policeman points out.

The theft took place in the town of Biebrza in the Grajewo poviat

Main photo source: KPP Grajewo

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