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Biedronka and Lidl – Christmas gifts for employees – Christmas 2021

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Biedronka and Lidl announced that they were granting discounts for shopping in their stores for employees on the occasion of Christmas. Retail chains have also prepared packages for employees’ children.

The Lidl Polska company informed that employees, associates and networks employed by some contractors will receive discount coupons with a total value of PLN 800. Coupons can be redeemed using the Lidl Plus shopping application. “Such a high total value of discounts available is not accidental, because in December this year the 800th Lidl Polska store will be opened” – explained the network.

Lidl has also prepared packages for all children of employees up to 13 years of age. The company estimates that 21.5 thousand jobs will be handed over to the employees’ children. holiday packages. The company decided to diversify the gifts taking into account the age of the children. “In this way, 4 types of packages were created, taking into account the different needs and tastes of children. The packages will include, among others, toys for babies, sets for motor development, wooden toys, games and puzzles and karaoke microphones. Older children can also expect sweets. “- we read in the release.


Christmas 2021. Biedronka and Lidl have prepared discounts for employees

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Discounts of up to PLN 1,000 will also be granted by Biedronka. They will go to employees of shops, distribution centers and Biedronka offices as well as selected associates. Vouchers will be available for redemption in the chain’s stores until the end of January 2022.

In addition, on the occasion of Christmas, all employees of the Biedronka network will also receive additional financial support in the form of special e-codes, also to be used when shopping in stores belonging to the network. “The amount of Christmas discounts in the form of vouchers will be PLN 67 million, and of top-ups with e-codes PLN 37 million. The total cash support for employees from the Biedronka chain will thus exceed PLN 100 million” – indicated.

Biedronka has also prepared Christmas packages for people employed in the network and their children. He will hand out nearly 77,000 parcels for adults and 75,000 for their children, i.e. a total of over 150,000. pieces. “Employees will receive elegant cabin suitcases filled with, among others, sets of towels as well as cosmetic bags and sweets” – we read. Biedronka – like Lidl – differentiated the content of packages for children of employees according to age.

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