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Bielany, Kasprowicz. He was scribbling around the bus shelter. He didn’t know he was being watched all the time

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The municipal monitoring operator noticed a young man who was smearing a felt-tip pen on the bus shelter. It ended for him only with a fine, because he himself removed his “works” that same night.

City guards from the 5th Field Department, who patrolled the area of ​​Bielany on the night of August 20 to 21, received a report about a young man who was supposed to be destroying the bus stop on Kasprowicza Street. He and his two colleagues were watched all the time by a city monitoring operator.

Paintings at the bus stop at nightMunicipal Police

The guards detained all three at 2.30 am on Kalinówka Street. They led them to the vicinity of the nearest camera, and the operator indicated the direct author of the paintings. A police patrol was called to the scene.

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The boy, in the presence of officers, removed the “inscription” he made, thanks to which – after being fined – he could return home.

Their author removed them the same night under the supervision of policemen and city guardsMunicipal Police

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Illegal graffiti in cities and mountains. “There are places dedicated to displaying art”Adrianna Otręba/Fakty TVN

Homegrown pseudo-graffiti artists are a curse not only for the capital city. In many places, passers-by are frightened by scribbles on the walls, and often vulgar or hateful inscriptions. Their authors are not artists, but ordinary vandals. They even destroy recently renovated monuments. Every year, city guards record several hundred interventions related to with this costly activity for everyone. That is why the city authorities place strong emphasis on the fight against vandals” – remind the Warsaw city guards.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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