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Bielany. They have prepared a petition, they want to create “Bielański Ols”

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They want the “Bielański Ols” ecological site to be established in the Bielany part of the Uroczysko Bemowo Forest. They have prepared a petition that will soon be sent to the mayor of Bielany.

As the authors of the petition wrote, they want to cover the Bielany part of the Uroczysko Bemowo Forest with a surface form of nature protection in the form of ecological use. A large part of this area is made up of alder trees growing on wetlands with a high level of groundwater.

“This is a unique environment in Warsaw. In our district, only a small alder island in Olszyna Park has a similar character, which has the status of a protected landscape complex. Such environments in Poland and Europe are disappearing, so they are subject to special protection” – they explained in the petition.

Rich fauna

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They noted that the area also has a rich fauna with particularly valuable species. “More than 80 species of birds have been recorded here – including the presence of black and medium woodpeckers, which are on the list of the European Union Birds Directive. There are also roe deer, elk and wild boars here. This place is an important ecological corridor that allows the movement of various species The presence of amphibians, which breed here, is also an important natural value of the area and an argument for its protection” – they added.

Alder is a forest dominated by black alder, overgrowing marshy habitats, with a periodically high level of stagnant water and varying fertility. Alders are usually difficult to access, mainly due to the waterlogged ground. The water level ranges from a few to several dozen centimeters. These are usually stagnant waters, less often slow-flowing ones.

“Urgent need for observation”

They explain that their petition is related to the work on the construction of the gas pipeline, which includes cutting down trees.

“The works currently carried out in the area under discussion, including at the amphibian breeding site, work related to the course of the gas pipeline (including a wide strip of tree felling) create an urgent need to observe the state of nature and increase its protection” – they wrote.

Nearly 150 people have signed the petition so far. The residents will submit it to the mayor of Bielany.

The gas pipeline will run through Nieporęt, Jabłonna, Warsaw (Białołęka, Bielany, Bemowo), Łomianki, Stare Babice and Ożarów Mazowiecki. The Warsaw gas pipeline is to be 28.5 kilometers long.

Ecological lands are the remnants of ecosystems that are important for the preservation of biodiversity and deserve protection – natural water reservoirs, mid-field and mid-forest ponds, clumps of trees and shrubs, swamps, peat bogs, dunes, patches of unused vegetation, oxbow lakes, rock outcrops, escarpments, stony stones, habitats and sites of rare or protected species of plants, animals and fungi, their refuges and places of reproduction or places of seasonal residence. Since November 15, 2008, ecological areas have been established only by way of a resolution of the commune council.

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Trees cut down in the Bemowski forest in connection with the construction of the Warsaw gas pipelineMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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