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Bielany-Wąsy, Bielany-Jarosławy and Bielany-Żyłaki may merge. It all depends on the locals

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The mayor suggests that Bielany-Wąsy, Bielany-Jarosławy and Bielany-Żyłaki simply be replaced with Bielany, so that couriers and ambulance doctors do not wander around looking for the address. Opponents of changes talk about tradition and unnecessary changes in documents. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Behind Warsaw, behind Sokołów Podlaski lies the commune of Bielany, and in the commune three different Bielany – Jarosławy, Żyłaki and Wąsy. There is a school in one Bielany, an office in the other, and a fire station in the third. – They are actually one whole. We have no other option here than to connect all Bielany – says Milena Kozak from the Bielany Commune Office.


The theme of connecting divides the inhabitants. Proponents of changing different Bielany into one Bielany speak of the border of absurdity – house numbers are mixed up, most streets have no names, you can get lost and it’s not just about couriers. – I called an ambulance to my neighbor because it was necessary and the ambulance was looking for the address – says Marek Adamczyk, an inhabitant of Bielany-Jarosławy.

Inhabitants of communes asked about the possibility of joining villages

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The commune ordered consultations – it asks who is for and who is against joining the villages. The polls are already being collected by village leaders. – As far as I know, all young people are like this – says Elżbieta Stolarczyk, the head of the Bielany-Jarosławy village.

– At the beginning, as soon as I handed out the questionnaires, the vast majority of people were on them and it still looks like that most people are on them – says Tomasz Olichiwerczuk, the mayor of the Bielany-Wąsy commune.

Bielany-Wąsy, Bielany-Jarosławy and Bielany-Żyłaki may mergeTVN24

Fears of formalities

Jarosławy is not Mustache. The opponents of change opt for tradition. – I also respect tradition, our cultural heritage, I am all for it. I think that the majority will be in favor, because there are many young people, a lot of new houses with communication problems have been built – says Zbigniew Woźniak, the head of the Bielany commune.

The opponents of merging are afraid of formalities. The new names are not only signs on the street. – There will be some changes, possibly notarized, whether someone in the bank will have to change the information on their account. These are small things, they do not really require a lot of financial resources, but possibly a bit of willingness – believes Woźniak.

Three Bielany will turn into one Bielany if half of the residents take part in the consultations and at least half of them will agree. Voting lasts until the end of September – so far the inhabitants are voting and are waiting impatiently to hear whether the Bielany village will change.

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