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Bielsko-Biala. Stealing a car with a Doberman inside. Tim was kicked out, sitting at the bus stop. The police recovered the car

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From the queue to the cash register at the petrol station in Bielsko-Biała (Silesian Voivodeship), Mr Maksym noticed that someone was hanging around his car. Then he remembered he had left the keys, documents and Tim in the car. A two-year-old Doberman, trained not to bark at strangers, sat quietly in the back. The thief got behind the wheel and started driving, and its owner threw himself on the hood, then to the door, and finally stood in the middle of the road. In vain. Tim drove off with the thief.

The theft of a Ford Mondeo station wagon took place on Tuesday a few minutes after 3 p.m. at a gas station in the center of Bielsko-Biała, at the intersection of Żywiecka and Krakowska Streets.

Mr. Maksym, the owner of the car, reported the matter to the police. First, however, he tried to get the car back himself. Inside was his friend – a two-year-old Doberman named Tim.

Doberman Timprivate archive


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He did not teach the dog to be hostile to strangers

Tim was in the trunk. There are tinted windows in the car, you can’t even see the passengers in the back, the thief might not have seen the dog either. Mr. Maksym refueled, opened all the windows so that Tim could breathe and went to the ATM to withdraw money. He was supposed to go back to the car to get the keys and documents, but – as he says – he forgot that he left them there and went straight to the cash register.

There is a queue in front of the checkout. “I was third or fourth,” Tim’s guardian relates. – I noticed that a guy was walking close to my car. I watched him. At one point, he leaned over my Ford as if checking to see if the keys were inside. I ran out of the building. And he put on his hood and got into my car and started driving.

The man tried to stop the thief. Unsuccessfully. “I put my hands on the hood,” says the Ford owner. – But he rode on. At one point, my feet were in the air. I jumped down and ran to the door. I grabbed the thief’s jacket or the driver’s seat – I don’t remember, it was happening so dynamically. He pulled me a few meters. In the end, I blocked his way. But he was accelerating. At the last moment, I jumped back, otherwise he would have run over me.

Tim probably didn’t squeal. The guardian trained him himself and did not teach him to be hostile to strangers. – I run a company, couriers come to me, they cannot be attacked by a dog. Tim can bark loudly, but on my “call your voice” command. He has been with me since I was little. I bought it in professional breeding. I’ve always dreamed of a doberman. I just wanted it to be.

– I was not interested in the car – adds Mr Maksym about the theft. – I was just thinking about Tim.

Tim at the vet the day after the kidnappingprivate archive

He was thrown out of the car, he was sitting at the bus stop and barking scared

Ford with the thief and the dog departed in an unknown direction.

Two hours later, around 5 p.m. in a village in the Cieszyn poviat, someone from the townspeople saw a Doberman by the road – this information was later delivered to Mr. Maksym. – You thought that the dog must have escaped from some cyclist who is about to leave the forest – says Tim’s guardian. – An hour later, this gentleman’s wife saw a Doberman at a bus stop nearby. He sat and barked, scared. They notified the shelter in Cieszyn.

Fortunately, Tim is microchipped and has a key ring with the nave of his veterinary clinic next to his collar. Therefore, in the shelter, they quickly reached his guardian. The dog was probably thrown out of the Ford when the thief realized he had a passenger. Tim has been home since Wednesday morning and has been seeing the vet.

The thief on monitoring – “recorded in good quality”

The police secured the recording of the petrol station monitoring. – The perpetrator of the theft recorded in good quality – Roman Szybiak, spokesman for the police in Bielsko-Biała, told us on Wednesday. – If he does not report himself or if we do not find him using traditional investigation methods, with the consent of the prosecutor’s office, we will make his image available – added the policeman.

For Mr. Maksym, time is of the essence because he left his permanent residence card in the car. He comes from Ukraine, has been living in Poland for 10 years and is applying for Polish citizenship. – The thief tried to pay with my card in the store. It moves my car around the area – says the owner of the stolen car.

On Thursday morning, Szybiak confirmed that the Ford had been recovered. The police also detained a man who is suspected of car theft. So far, no charges have been brought against him.

Mr Maksym’s stolen Ford Mondeoprivate archive

Main photo source: private archive

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