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Bielsko-Biala. The referendum was invalid. The mayor has decided whether there will be a garbage incinerator in the city

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The inhabitants of Bielsko-Biała (Silesian Voivodeship) could decide in a referendum whether they want to build a waste incineration plant in the city. They voted against, but not enough votes for the referendum to be valid. The mayor of the city was in favor of the investment. Despite this, he decided on Thursday that there would be no incinerator.

The construction of a waste incineration plant was planned in the Wapienica district of Bielsko and raised objections from the residents. Last Sunday, they had the opportunity to vote on the matter in a local referendum. 54.25 percent of the votes were against. But the referendum was invalid due to low frequency. It should be 30 percent of the eligible. It amounted to 28.44 percent.

Sunday’s referendum, among others about the garbage incineratorTVN24

The incinerator’s opponents did not give up. They protested on Thursday in front of the city hall, where the city council session was held, during which the decision on this matter was to be taken by president Jarosław Klimaszewski.

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President: The voice of the people must be respected

He decided that there would be no incinerator.

– It’s hard to ignore the voice of the people. It is known that this referendum was not legally binding, but this threshold was very close. There was a moment when everything was in my hands. I felt that the voice of the people should be respected. This decision is against my will, because I believe that this incineration plant is needed by the city, but I work primarily for the residents – explained Klimaszewski.

Councilors will decide about in vitro, and there will be no restrictions on movement

In the referendum there was also a question about subsidizing in vitro fertilization treatments from the city budget. Although many more people were in favor of this (62.85 percent) than against the incinerator, Klimaszewski gave the decision to the councillors.

– In the context of in vitro, a program must first be created, which I will present to the city council, because without a resolution of the city council, it cannot be introduced and the councilors will decide. There are always expenses associated with such programs, so this must be included in the budget resolution for the next year. If the council decides to do so, then we will enter it in the budget – he said.

He also informed that “he will not implement the concept of limiting car traffic on 3 Maja and Zamkowa Streets”. This was the third and final question in the referendum. Most of the voters were against.

Main photo source: TVN24

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