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Bielsko-Biala. The trial of the accused of murdering his parents at home in Jaworzynka has started. The defendant’s brother and sister were in the courtroom

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The crime took place in B.’s family home in a small village in the Silesian Beskids. Investigators found there the bodies of a 66-year-old woman and a 64-year-old man, as well as their son, Jerzy, then 32. On Thursday, Jerzy B. appeared in court, he is accused of murdering his parents. His brother and sister testified.

On Thursday, the trial of Jerzy B., accused of murdering his parents, began in the district court in Bielsko-Biała. The question is whether it comes from Article 148, paragraph 1 of the Penal Code. The man was taken from custody. He has two lawyers, including one from choice. His brother and sister also showed up.

Due to great media interest, the hearing was moved to a larger room. Judge Agnieszka Grążawska considered for a long time whether to allow journalists to participate. The case is very drastic. For this reason, the spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office in Cieszyn, Andrzej Hołdys, did not provide any details during the investigation stage.

After an hour, at the request of the victims’ family, due to their private interests, the judge partially closed the hearing. The defendant and his siblings testified in camera. Journalists could only be present when the indictment was read.

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The trial of the accused of murdering his parents has started in Jaworzynkatvn24.pl

Their throats were cut and they bled to death

The crime occurred on December 6, 2022 in B.’s family home in Jaworzynka, a small village in the Silesian Beskids in the Istebna commune. The bodies of 66-year-old Jadwiga and 64-year-old Władysław were found on the same day by a relative. Their son Jerzy was also at home. He was detained there. He pleaded guilty to murder in the prosecutor’s office.

The investigation was completed in November 2023. After receiving expert opinions from the man’s psychiatric observation, which showed that he was fully sane, the prosecutor prepared an indictment.

The media described the victims as being tied to chairs. The indictment states that they both bled to death after the accused cut their throats with an “unspecified instrument”. According to investigators, the 64-year-old was first beaten on the head, also with an unidentified instrument, and suffered, among other things, a broken nose, a contusion to his temple, cheek and ear. The accused “acted with the direct intention of taking life,” as the prosecutor emphasized.

– He committed these acts when he was completely unable to recognize their meaning and control his actions as a result of mental disorders resulting from becoming intoxicated, causing a loss of sanity, the consequences of which he could have predicted – said prosecutor Piotr Grosicki.

The accused’s siblings did not want to talk to journalists. “It’s too difficult,” my brother said. He only said that Jerzy had never drank and was not under the influence of alcohol then, so it was probably about drugs. – We didn’t know if he was taking drugs. Nobody expected this. My brother lived with his parents and worked, the man said.

Before the crime, the police did not record any interventions in house B.

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