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Bieruń. Police filmed drivers at a pedestrian crossing, tickets were handed out

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Police officers from Bieruń (Silesian Province) used cameras to monitor pedestrian crossings and stopped drivers who overtook on crossings or exceeded the speed limit. Large fines were handed out.

As we read in a statement from the Bieruń police, officers checked whether drivers were observing the rules near busy pedestrian crossings. For this purpose, they used cameras installed on the extendable masts of the Mobile Command Post, a specialist vehicle that records violations.

“The police drew attention to the most common offences committed in the driver-pedestrian relationship. The most common offences include: failure to give way to a pedestrian, overtaking on a pedestrian crossing or directly in front of them. There was no leniency for people committing traffic offences,” the police emphasized in a statement.

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20 drivers punished

In total, Bieruń uniformed officers recorded 20 traffic violations. In eight cases, tickets were issued to drivers who overtook on a pedestrian crossing or just before it. Each of the targeted drivers received a PLN 1,500 ticket. If this was not the first ticket for such an offense, the penalty can be up to PLN 3,000.

During the operation, officers located and punished 12 drivers who exceeded the speed limit.


Tougher fines

The police remind that from 17 September 2022, stricter tariffs will be in force. Currently, penalties for traffic offences are:

– for failing to give way to a pedestrian – PLN 1,500 (PLN 3,000 in the event of a repeat offence)

– for violating the overtaking ban – PLN 1,000 (PLN 2,000 in the event of recidivism)

– for overtaking at a pedestrian crossing or in front of it – PLN 1,500 (PLN 3,000 in the case of recidivism)

– for failure to exercise due care and causing a threat to road safety resulting in an injured party – PLN 1,500 (PLN 3,000 in the event of recidivism)

– for passing a vehicle that has stopped to give way to a pedestrian – PLN 1,500 (PLN 3,000 in the case of a repeat offence)

Main image source: Silesian Police

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