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Bieszczady. Avalanche “one” on Saturday morning. “Mountain trails are unpaved”

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The first degree of avalanche danger applies in the Bieszczady Mountains on Saturday morning. GOPR rescuers warn that there is even half a meter of snow in the upper parts of the mountains. It can also be dangerous in other mountain ranges, including the Tatra Mountains.

In the upper parts of the Bieszczady Mountains on Saturday morning, the first – in a five-point, ascending scale – degree of avalanche danger applies. As the rescuer on duty of the Bieszczady Mountain Rescue Group Zdzisław Dębicki reported, “the avalanche risk occurs primarily on the leeward slopes”.

– It concerns e.g. Polonynas of Wetlińska and Caryńska, Tarnica, Halicz, Wielka Rawka and Wide Wierch – he added.

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Thick snow cover

In the morning, thermometers in the Bieszczady Mountains showed about -2 degrees Celsius. In the valleys, the average snow cover is 14 centimeters, but in the upper parts of the mountains, its thickness reaches up to half a meter.

– Winter conditions prevail everywhere. Mountain trails are unpaved – reminded the lifeguard on duty.

As GOPR Bieszczady rescuers warn in social media, these mountains can be dangerous and do not forgive mistakes. Before each hike, they recommend proper preparation for it, and in case of problems, you should immediately call for help.

Difficult conditions in the Tatra Mountains

On Saturday morning, the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service reported that the snow cover on many steep slopes is moderately or weakly bound. Triggering an avalanche is possible even with a small additional load, especially on steep slopes. In certain situations, large and in some cases even very large avalanches can occur spontaneously.

In Tatra Mountains effective from Thursday avalanche risk level 3. On Saturday, the avalanche situation is still not improving. Further snowfall combined with strong winds is expected for Saturday morning, which will result in the deposition of snow deposits on the leeward sides. The assessment of avalanche risk is also hampered by poor visibility.

Tatra Mountains – view of the Chochołowska Valley on Saturday morningcamera.topr.pl

PAP, tvnmeteo.pl, GOPR Bieszczady, TOPR

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