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Bieszczady. Bison started to migrate. It was affected by the change in the weather

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The autumn weather made the Bieszczady bison look for more favorable places to live. Specimens living in the mountains decided to go down to the valleys. According to the data of the Regional Directorate of State Forests, about 700 representatives of the species live in this part of Poland.

Rainfall and lower air temperatures made bison from the higher parts of the mountains descend into the valleys in the Bieszczady Mountains. As the spokesman of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno, Edward Marszałek noted, “in autumn they are always looking for more friendly places”.

– From the higher parts of the Bieszczady Mountains, where they live in the summer, bisons slowly migrate to winter refuges in the valleys. There they feed on the meadows mowed in summer – said the Marshal on Monday.

Bison in Poland. Like American buffalo

He noted that “groups of 10-15 individuals are observed, but in recent days more than 40 bison have been registered in one of the meadows by the San River”.

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– The herds will winter, inter alia, in the San valley and in the Kalniczka valley. Single individuals also appeared on the slopes of Mount Gruszka on Lesko – the spokesman noted. As he added, the autumn movement of the Bieszczady bison “may bring to mind the migration of buffaloes in North America”.

Foresters prepared for feeding

The spokesman emphasized that foresters are prepared to feed the bison in winter. Many tons of forage have been harvested, including hay, carrots, beets and corn.

– The animals do not use the feeders yet. We always start feeding when snow prevents the bison from gaining natural food – he explained.

Stocks for winter prepared by foresters are only a supplement to the bison’s food. Like other animals, they prefer to obtain food in a natural way.

Populations began to mix

Bisons were brought to the Bieszczady Mountains in the early 1960s. They belong to the Białowieża-Caucasian race. They are descendants of a bison from the Caucasus and females living in zoos and private game parks.

– Until recently, they lived in two isolated, isolated populations – eastern and western. However, for several years, contacts and exchange of individuals have been observed between them – noted the Marshal.

Bisons originating from the crosses of the Caucasian and Białowieża lines have been isolated and are found only in the Bieszczady Mountains. Bison of the pure Białowieża line live in other centers in Poland.

Bieszczady bison are under constant monitoring by foresters and scientists, as well as under veterinary control.

According to the spring estimates of the Krosno RDSF, over 700 bison live in the wild in the Bieszczady Mountains.

Żubr is a mammal from the hermit family. The length of the body is 2.5-3.5 meters, the height at the withers is up to two meters, and the weight is up to 1000 kilograms.

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