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Bieszczady Mountains. A three-year-old child was wandering around unattended and a border guard took care of him

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An unattended three-year-old child wandered through the streets of one of the Bieszczady towns after dark. When it ran onto the road, a border guard from the post in Stuposiany noticed it and took care of it. The police are investigating the case.

The incident took place in one of the towns in the Bieszczady Mountains. According to Lieutenant Piotr Zakielarz, press spokesman for the commandant of the Bieszczady Border Guard Unit, an officer from the post in Stuposiany, while driving a car, saw a child who ran into the road.

– The situation was very dangerous, especially since everything happened after dark. There were no adults nearby and this made the officer concerned – reported Staff Sergeant Emilia Sidor from the Press Team of the Bieszczady Border Guard Unit.

He took care of a “shaky and cold” child

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The officer took care of the child. – The toddler was unable to answer basic questions about his parents and where he lived. Nearby residents were also unable to help, reported Staff Sergeant Emilia Sidor.

The Border Guard officer called the emergency number and the police were notified about the case. Until the patrol arrived, he took care of the shaking and cold child. Ultimately, the police managed to identify the child's parents and the toddler was placed under their care.

“An example worth following”

– Indifference is the threat of modern times. There is no shortage of dramatic events showing that society is becoming less and less empathetic and rarely involved in the fate of other people. The attitude of the border guard from Stuposian is therefore an example worth imitating. It confirms the obligation to serve society expressed in the oath of a border guard officer, valid regardless of whether the uniformed officer is on or off duty – emphasized Staff Sergeant Emilia Sidor.

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