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Big changes in online sales. “Buyers don't have to worry about anything”

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This is not the beginning of a completely new era in the Internet, but a significant change. It is about online trading and the EU directive that comes into force on July 1. If someone sells something really occasionally and we are talking about small amounts, then these regulations do not apply to them. But everything above two thousand euros will be reported directly to the tax office from now on.

Convenient, fast and usually cheaper than in a brick-and-mortar store, but now with a limit. Every seller who makes 30 transactions or sells goods worth more than two thousand euros must be reported by the sales platform to the National Revenue Administration.

– This is another step towards tightening the tax system in the European Union. The new regulations are intended to curb tax avoidance by online sellers and service providers. However, this is not a new tax, but an additional obligation imposed on online platforms to detect those who have so far avoided paying tax – explains Maciej Sokołowski, TVN24 BiS correspondent in Brussels.

What is it about?

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The idea is to catch those who trade on the Internet on a massive scale and do not share even a penny with the tax authorities.

– The tax office may take action to determine the amount of tax liability, block accounts, and seize funds held in accounts in order to satisfy the tax liability – informs Dr. Tomasz Kopyściański, an economist from the WSB Merito University in Wrocław.

– There will probably be more reports of business activity, because some people will have to do it, but on the other hand we have to observe how far it will go towards those who will flee these platforms – adds Professor Robert Ciborowski from the University of Białystok.

Not for long and not too far. – These directives apply to all places where these sales are made, so sooner or later such an obligation will appear on all such platforms – says Marcin Gruszka from Allegro.

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This obligation also applies to service providers. However, in the case of transport and accommodation services, the first transaction must be reported.

– If someone rents an apartment using the platform, it sometimes takes a long time before the tax office finds out about such a procedure, sometimes they don't find out at all, and now they will find out – says Jarosław Neneman, Deputy Minister of Finance.

The limits do not apply to people who, for example, are cleaning out their wardrobes or tidying up their garage or garden. Provided that the items being sold were purchased more than six months ago and are sold without profit.

Who stands to benefit from this?

Certainly nothing should happen behind someone's back. Firstly, reaching the designated thresholds does not immediately mean tax liability, but the need to check the nature of the seller's activities, who will be informed about it through their portal in advance.

– Buyers don't have to worry about anything. They can still buy online as much as they want. The changes require, first and foremost, adaptation by digital platforms, which will have to introduce changes verifying customers and analyzing transactions in order to properly fulfill the reporting obligation – says Dr. Tomasz Kopyściański.

Who will benefit from this? All those who operate legally and honestly pay taxes, because they will lose unfair competition. And not only in the entire European Union. 25 countries outside the EU, including Great Britain, have committed to complying with the directive.

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