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Big Iwanowice. Two teenagers crashed into a tree. The car crumpled like a can

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A dramatic-looking accident in Iwanowice Duze in Silesia. Two teenagers driving a Volkswagen left the road and crashed into a tree. The car crumpled like an aluminum can, and yet the victims – albeit badly injured – escaped with their lives.

The event took place on Thursday around 4 pm. According to the klobucka.pl portal, two teenagers were returning from seasonal work in a nearby town.

– Traffic police officers initially determined that the driver of a Volkswagen, a 19-year-old resident of the Kłobuck district, driving towards the village of Krzepice, leaving the curve of the road, did not adjust the speed to the conditions on the road, as a result of which he lost control of the vehicle, drove off the road to the right side of the road, then hit a roadside tree and overturned the vehicle. One person was traveling with the man, an 18-year-old resident of the Kłobuck district, says Joanna Wiącek-Głowacz, spokeswoman for the police in Kłobuck.

The driver and passenger survivedKlobuck Police

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The driver and passenger survived

The car hit three trees in total. One of them broke in half and fell on the road. The older of the victims – the driver – was trapped in the vehicle. After freeing him by firefighters, he was transported to the hospital by LPR helicopter. An ambulance took the passenger to the hospital.

A tree fell onto the road after being hit by a carKlobuck Police

Spokesperson of the Provincial Specialist Hospital named after The Blessed Virgin Mary in Częstochowa informed klobucka.pl that one of the teenagers had serious fractures of the pelvic bones, and the other suffered a lung contusion. Both will require lengthy rehabilitation.

– Blood was taken from the driver for testing to determine the state of sobriety and other prohibited substances. Police officers from the Kłobuck traffic police were working at the scene. The road was blocked during the inspection. The exact reasons and circumstances of this event will be clarified in the ongoing proceedings – informs Wiącek-Głowacz.

Main photo source: klobucka.pl

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