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Big stars, million-dollar salaries and worldwide fame. This is how the richest family in Asia organizes the “wedding of the year”

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The wedding of the richest families in India could go down in history. Justin Bieber performed at the pre-wedding party, and the wedding itself is set to be graced by, among others, Adele and Lana del Rey. Other billionaires will also be among the guests.

It was for them that Rihanna sang in March, and now Justin Bieber. The Canadian singer flew to Mumbai on Friday for a private party. According to some media, he was supposed to receive $10 million for performing for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant.

– Such a concert is a very pleasant option for him, because he performs in a smaller group of people, he is treated like a real star, he has the so-called royal treatment. If I had such a budget, I would do everything to invite my idol to the concert – says Daniel Matejczyk, journalist, pop culture expert.

Mukesh Ambani has a budget – practically infinite. According to Forbes, he is currently the 11th richest person in the world. And his youngest son is getting married.

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The Ambani family, unlike other billionaire families, is not only rich, but also wants to be known, and in every latitude. It is on the right track, because for several months now the whole world has been writing about it. “The richest man in Asia intends to throw the wedding of the year for his son,” reports the British “The Independent.” The party in question has not started yet, because the 3-day wedding is to start on July 12. However, other events around the ceremony have been organized since February, around the engagement, wedding, or something that in European conditions can be compared to a stag and hen party.

The list of stars that the fiancés have brought to their home already includes Katy Perry, and there are also Adele, Drake and Lana Del Rey. Such performances have become a tradition, as Mukesh Ambani's daughter and his eldest son got married a few years earlier.

– So far, Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, the Backstreet Boys, rapper Pitbull and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli have performed at parties organized by Indian billionaires – informs Patryk “Patryczon” Wasowski, pop culture expert and influencer.

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The private concerts are just one part of the celebrations, however. “In late May, the couple, along with 1,200 friends, family members and coworkers, boarded a cruise ship in Palermo, Italy, for a four-day cruise around the Mediterranean,” Vanity Fair reports.

Estimated net worth of $120 billion

The family has a fortune estimated at $120 billion. They live in a 27-story mansion considered the most expensive private skyscraper in the world. Antilia Tower can withstand a terrorist attack, as well as an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale. For years, many experts have considered the building a symbol of increasing social disparities.

“In a country where so many people live in poverty, people are losing their lands and means of livelihood, this gap between the rich and the poor is a big problem. It is not about Mr. Ambani specifically, but about the nature of economic growth,” notes S. Parasuraman, a sociologist.

Mukesh Ambani inherited his father's fortune and began to increase it. He invests in renewable energy sources, and also owns one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country and a chain of supermarkets. – What makes the biggest impression is probably the heavy industry. They probably got richest from this heavy industry. They own one of the largest private oil refineries in the world – informs Dr. Weronika Rokicka from the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, author of the book “India, the country of a billion dreams”.

The guest list for earlier pre-wedding events included, according to Indian media, other billionaires. Among them was Bill Gates, as well as the millionaire daughter of the former US president, Ivanka Trump.

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