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Bilberry. Jacek Jaworek prosecuted for triple homicide. Inquiry extended to July 20

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Jacek Jaworek, wanted since July 2021 for the murder of three people, is one of the most wanted people in the country. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice has just extended the investigation into this case until July 20. – We are waiting for the materials that we have requested as part of international legal assistance from the United States – Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa, said.

The investigators had already obtained international legal assistance from the judicial authorities USA materials sourced from a global internet company. It is about information about logins, which may allow to determine where the suspect moved after the crime (previously, the prosecutor’s office obtained similar data from telecommunications operators). The materials sent from the US were analyzed by Polish police officers and they assessed that they required more detail.

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– Such a request has been sent to the United States and we are currently waiting for its implementation – said Tomasz Ozimek from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Częstochowa.

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At an earlier stage of the proceedings, the investigators obtained a supplementary report from forensic experts who referred to the ballistics report. The experts have already issued a final opinion on the cause of death of the murder victims and the likely mechanism of the course of events. The prosecutor’s office sought a number of specialist opinions, in addition to an expert opinion in the field of forensic medicine and ballistics, also e.g. opinions in the field of computer science, genetics and chemical research.

Over a hundred witnesses

Polygraph tests were also used during the interrogations. Nearly 100 witnesses interviewed in the investigation include: members of close and extended family and friends of Jaworka and inhabitants of the village of Borowce. They were asked about the crime itself, the situation in the Jaworki family and the suspected whereabouts of the suspect.

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The search for Jawork, who worked years ago in SwitzerlandGermany and Italy. In June last year, the Katowice provincial headquarters published possible variants of the appearance of the hunted – so-called progressive portraits, showing what it might look like now. In turn, in November, once again, several hundred policemen, supported by GOPR rescuers, soldiers WOTuniformed Forest Guards and firefighters of the Voluntary Fire Service once again combed the vicinity of Borowce looking for Jack’s body. The action lasted several days and brought no results.

What happened to Jacek Jaworkek? Investigators are not ruling out any options

On July 10, 2021, in the town of Borowce near Częstochowa, in a single-family house, police officers called to a domestic dispute found the bodies of a 44-year-old couple and their 17-year-old son. The victims were shot, only the younger, 13-year-old son survived, who first managed to hide and then escape. He’s a key witness in the investigation. The investigators’ findings from the beginning indicated that the perpetrator of the crime was the 44-year-old’s brother, Jacek Jaworek, who had recently lived with his family in a house in Borowce – after leaving the prison, where from March to June 2021 he served a substitute prison sentence in connection with refusing to pay child support.

Possible appearance of Jacek JaworkSilesian police

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Shortly after the crime, Jaworek escaped. From the beginning, the investigators emphasized that they did not exclude any option – they take into account that the man could have committed suicide, but he could also still be hiding in Poland or another country. The 53-year-old is wanted by an arrest warrant, a European Arrest Warrant, and an Interpol red notice. The provincial police commander in Katowice also set a reward of PLN 20,000. PLN for information that will help to stop Jawork or find his body.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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