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Bilgoraj. He ran over a pig in a sack. The animal escaped from the transport

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They bought a pig, put the animal in a bag, and this one on top of it. During transport, the bag fell on the road. A 23-year-old driver ran into him. The pig fled to nearby fields, where the owners tried to catch it. Now – among other things for breaking the law on animal health – they face up to one year in prison.

On Thursday evening, policemen from Biłgoraj received a report that – on Graniczna Street – a 23-year-old Audi driver ran into a bag in which something was moving. It turned out there was a pig inside.

– When the policemen arrived, they found the reporting person and two people who tried to catch the piglet chasing him in the nearby fields – reports junior aspirant Joanna Klimek from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Biłgoraj. And he adds: – It turned out that it was a couple from the Biłgoraj commune who bought an animal that day.


The pig bit the sack and fell out onto the road

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As initially established by the uniform, the couple bought a piglet, packed it in a sack and placed it on a trailer.

– During transport, the pig bit the sack and got out of the trailer straight onto the road, where it found itself under the wheels of an oncoming Audi. Fortunately, neither the driver of the vehicle nor the animal was hurt – informs the policewoman.

It was only at home that they noticed that they had lost the pig. They face a year in prison

The owners of the animal only after arriving home noticed that they had lost the pig. They went back to catch the piglet.

The marriage broke the provisions of the Act on Animal Health Protection and Combating Infectious Animal Diseases, which forbids, inter alia, transporting animals without the required health certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Another broken rule – according to the police – concerns the trade in animals in violation of veterinary requirements. – So the marriage will be brought to trial. They face a penalty of up to one year in prison – emphasizes the policewoman.

The driver ran into a sack with a pig on Graniczna Street in Biłgoraj

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