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Billions for Ukraine from the USA. Where they will go is explained by General Mieczysław Bieniek

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Even the Ukrainian side does not hide that it is switching to strategic defense. When it comes to recovering the areas that Ukraine has lost, this will probably be a task only in the second part of the summer, if the means of combat are available and there is enough technology that will allow it – said General Mieczysław Bieniek in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. He also talked about what the billions of dollars of American aid to Ukraine will be spent on.

The US House of Representatives supported the long-awaited bill aid for Ukraine. The adoption of the aid package worth over $60 billion has been blocked for months by the anti-Ukrainian wing of the Republican Party.

Before the vote, General Mieczysław Bieniek, advisor to the Minister of Defense and former deputy supreme commander of NATO for transformation, said in “Fakty po Fakty” that the funds amounting to over USD 60 billion in the package were divided.

– 23 billion will go to replenish the equipment that is already there, i.e. ammunition, missiles, means of combat. PLN 12 billion will go to the purchase of new equipment, but – what is important for us – PLN 12 billion will also go to maintaining American troops in the region, especially in the area of ​​the eastern flank. And 9 billion to support the budget – he mentioned.

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Bieniek: The Ukrainian side doesn't even hide it

On Friday, the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, warned that if the US does not hand over weapons to Ukraine, it will the country may lose the war with Russia before the end of 2024, and at least Putin may find himself in a situation in which he will be able to dictate the terms of a political agreement.

“I think that with the support that (US) military aid would bring – both in practical and psychological terms – the Ukrainians will be able to maintain (their positions) in 2024,” he said.

When asked whether we should be aware that the maximum plan for this year, even with American support, even with greater European involvement, Bieniek said that “the Ukrainian side does not even hide it.”

– They are moving to strategic defense, strengthening their defensive positions, preparing to recreate their critical infrastructure, which is being successively destroyed. But they are also strengthening their strike systems, those that could hit at a long distance, so that they can threaten the Russians enough to prevent them from making further progress, and maybe prepare to strike in a selected direction, he said.

He added that the situation regarding Crimea is very difficult. – Of course, Crimea is under attack, military facilities are under attack, they are within the range of some Ukrainian strike means, but now, as of today, Ukraine is moving to strategic defense in very sensitive points, so as not to be broken, not to be defeated. to encircle and prevent Russian troops from reaching the Dnieper line, Bieniek said.

Bieniek about equipment that will give a qualitative advantage and secure the sky

– However, when it comes to recovering the areas that Ukraine has lost, this will probably be a task only in the second part of the summer, if the means of combat are available and the technology is sufficient to allow it. Let's remember that these are Abrams, Bradley, Leopard and missiles that are used for anti-aircraft defense, but also to shoot down planes that launch combat weapons with impunity. This is what gives us a technological advantage, he said.

He added that “Europe has neither Abrams nor Bradley, America has them.” – And these 23 billion to replenish combat resources, I read in the subtext that this will be it, and the next 12 billion to purchase new equipment will be equipment that will possibly give a qualitative advantage and secure the sky – said the guest of “Fakty”. after Facts.

– Let us remember that Ukraine basically does not have attack aviation, land force aviation, or helicopters that could protect its troops and fight enemy troops. So here in this package I also suspect that attention will be paid to this – he added.

Main photo source: Facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

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